Fulton ‘Ahead of Curve’ Pending Final Bridge Rehabilitation

The N. Sixth St. bridge over CSX Railway.

FULTON, NY – The City of Fulton Common Council awarded the winning bid for the rehabilitation of the North Sixth Street bridge over CSX located between Kimball Avenue and Clark Street.

The N. Sixth St. bridge over CSX Railway.</p>
The North Sixth Street bridge over CSX Railway.

The winning bid was awarded to Vector Construction Corp. as the lowest bidder at $739,995, ousting the second lowest bidder by less than $10,000.

The project is anticipated to start following a pre-construction meeting on Tuesday, April 17 with anticipated completion within 90 days.

Following completion, all bridges within the City of Fulton will be up to date.

The Broadway bridge carrying State Route 3 over the Oswego River completed a two-year repair project in 2014, the rehabilitation of the Phillips Street bridge over Tannery Creek was completed in 2016, and the rehabilitation of the Oneida Street bridge over the Oswego River began last year and will be completed pending the final sealing, anticipated to happen immediately – as soon as weather permits.

“Currently in politics, infrastructure repairs are taking a high priority in the country so we really are ahead of the curve with the completion of our bridges. It will be beneficial for the City of Fulton moving forward,” Department of Public Works Commissioner, Charles Smith III said.

Newly rehabbed bridges are anticipated to carry a life span of at least 30 years before requiring further work, Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. said.

“Keep in mind, infrastructure throughout the country, and especially in the Northeast, is really bad. Bridges are a major part of infrastructure so its major kudos to have all of the bridges up to date. I really have to thank (DPW Commissioner) CJ Smith and former DPW Commissioner Dan O’Brien because some of these projects take a lot of time,” Mayor Woodward said.

The project will receive funding from federal, state, and local sources totaling $1,120,995.

Local share is expected to run $95,049 from which the city will use CHIPS funding, the Consolidated Local Streets and Highway Improvement Program.

Smith said the state has not released CHIPS allocations yet this year, but the balance is expected to cover the local share portion of the project.

The project will include rehab of the 104-foot three span steel multi girder structure, structural repairs, localized painting of the steel superstructure, bearing replacement, and minor concrete substructure repairs.

Smith said traffic is anticipated to have access to and from both sides of the bridge at all times during the project.

A recently awarded grant allowing a smaller rehabilitation project on a culvert on Hannibal Street will be the final piece for completely updating the city’s bridges, Woodward said.