Fulton Aldermen Decide Leaves And Hydrant Flushing Shouldn’t Mix

The city of Fulton has two things to do in the fall: remove leaves from homeowners’ properties and flush the city’s water hydrants.

This week, city lawmakers and the Mayor agreed that perhaps those two things should not happen at the same time.

“It caused a lot of problems,” said Alderman Daryl Hayden.  Many folks still rake their leaves to the curb for the city to pick up.  Hydrant flushes put a lot of water into the street.  That can carry a lot of leaves to neighbors’ properties or into city drains.

Alderman Bob Weston noted that the summer’s street rebuilding work, particularly on Seneca St., backed up the hydrant flushing.  In addition, it seemed to some that leaves came off trees earlier than usual this year.

“We still don’t have a good public policy on leaves,” said Weston.  Mayor Ron Woodward noted the policy is that people are encouraged to bag their leaves but are not required to.  “They should be bagged,” he said.

Hayden suggested renting a vacuum truck next year. “It would save a lot of manpower,” he said.

Alderman Dave Guyer noted that he just mulches his leaves, using his lawn mower.  Woodward joked, “I like to jump in ’em first.”

Other items:

Aldermen approved spending $30,034.60 to buy a new skid steer loader from the low bidder, Bobcat of Central New York.

Aldermen approved spending up to $9,500 to buy a used loader to replace one that suffered extensive damage in a fire on May 19.  $8,450 of the money came from an insurance settlement.  Aldermen also agreed to dispose of the damagd loader because of the cost of repairing it.  The loader will be given to the company from which a loader was rented, in exchange for forgiving $4,775 in rental fees.

Mayor Woodward noted that he had reappointed Donald Patrick and Fay Hemmings to the city’s Electrical Board.

Aldermen approved transferring a little more than $50,000 from various city accounts to pay bills related to the summer’s water projects along Erie St., Seneca St., and the Phillips St. Extension.

Weston invited everyone to the city’s annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.  It takes place Thursday, December 3. Weston noted that Santa will be there for the children.

Woodward noted that Aldermen will meet Saturday at 9:00 a.m. for a budget workshop.  It is open to the public.

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