Fulton Announces First Downtown Revitalization Initiative Meeting

FULTON – The city of Fulton announced today, October 9, that the first Downtown Revitalization Initiative meeting will take place on Thursday, Oct. 10, at 4 p.m. at City Hall community room.

Governor Cuomo announced the $10 million DRI award for the city on Aug. 14, in front of more than 200 city residents who welcomed the news.

In addition to funding award, the DRI will take a comprehensive approach to transforming Fulton’s downtown.

Only one community in each of the state’s 10 Regional Economic Development areas will receive the DRI award.

Fulton was this year’s Central New York Regional Economic Development Council’s pick based on the city’s past investment, future potential, recent or impending job growth, support for local vision and readiness.

In each community that receives the award, a Local Planning Committee is formed comprised of local and regional leaders and other stakeholders who will help oversee the development and implementation of the revitalization plan.

The LPC will work with state planners and consultants who have expertise in economic development, engineering, site development, and landscape design.

Fulton’s representatives on the LPC will be comprised of residents, property owners, business representatives, educational leaders, non-profit and advocacy organizations, industry and health care representatives.

L. Michael Treadwell, executive director of Operation Oswego County Inc. and a member of the CNYREDC along with city of Fulton representative Don Patrick, president of the Common Council, have been selected to serve as co-chairs of the LPC committee.

At the meeting Thursday, Treadwell and Patrick will announce and introduce local leadership representatives who have been selected to serve Fulton as part of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative’s Local Planning Committee.

Also involved with the LPC meetings on behalf of the city of Fulton will be Director of the City of Fulton Community Development Agency Joe Fiumara, Commissioner of City of Fulton’s Department of Public Works Department C.J. Smith, and City of Fulton Clerk/Chamberlain Dan O’Brien.

The LPC will meet monthly to provide direction to consultants, review projects and create priorities.

All meetings will be open to the public.

In addition, three public engagement events will be held to gather input on the direction of the plan and allow residents to weigh in on this exciting time for Fulton.

The first LPC meeting will be held on Thursday, Oct. 10 from 4-6 p.m. at the Fulton Community Room at City Hall, 141 S. First St., Fulton.

LPC seeks New Projects in Boundary until Nov. 8

In addition to the announcement of the first DRI meeting, the city announced today that the LPC will accept additional project proposals for the DRI boundary until Nov. 8.

These project proposals have the potential to receive DRI funding if they meet certain criteria and are in addition to the projects proposed in the application.

City officials say they have heard from several additional businesses and developers who wish to develop projects in the DRI boundary since the award announcement.

The LPC’s call for additional projects will allow more investments to be included in the boundary.

“The open call for projects has been part of the DRI process for other communities and from what we’re hearing, it has worked out well. The idea with this is to help ensure maximum benefit of the DRI for the city and its residents, and ensure a more inclusive process for all properties and potential developers in the boundary,” said Patrick.

“There is room at the table for everyone to be considered and we welcome any new project submission that was not included in the initial application, as long as they’re within that boundary and meet the criteria,” said Treadwell.

To be considered for DRI funding, project proposals must be submitted.

Applications will be available by Friday, October 11, online at www.ilovefultonny.com/dri and at the Fulton Community Development Office, located at 125 W Broadway, Fulton NY 13069.

The deadline for submittals is Friday, Nov. 8 by 4 p.m. either by email or in person at the Fulton Community Development Agency.

A newly dedicated website www.fultondri.com will be launched later this month where project applicants and residents can find more program details, including program guidelines, and meeting schedules, presentations and summaries.

A DRI boundary map may also be found on the site.

Fulton’s plan this year detailed $90 million of past investments and introduced a list of projects that would provide more than $60 million of investment with a potential to create and retain jobs. Job creation, small business investment, and a more accessible downtown is this year’s blueprint for success.

To view the plan visit www.ilovefultonny.com/dri

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