Fulton Asks For Public Input On Revised Downtown Revitalization Initiative Application

FULTON, NY – The Executive Director of the Fulton Community Development Agency, Joe Fiumara has announced the city of Fulton’s intent to submit a revised application for the second round of NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed Downtown Revitalization Initiative funding.

The DRI provides the opportunity for one municipality in each of the 10 regions across New York State to receive $10 million focused on revitalizing communities downtown areas.

Last year, Fulton city officials submitted an application for consideration, however, the neighboring city of Oswego was awarded the $10 million prize.

“Although we did not receive it, our nomination was well received by local and state agencies,” Fiumara said, announcing the state approval to accept revised applications that requested consideration in 2016.

“The city of Fulton will be sending in a revised application for 2017 in which we will provide our vision for the revitalization of Fulton’s downtown area,” he explained.

The 2017 DRI nomination is due June 14, so city officials are holding two immediate public meetings to solicit stakeholder input.

The first meeting will be held Wednesday, May 24, and the second meeting will be held the following Wednesday, May 31 both beginning at 7 p.m. in the courtroom at Fulton City Hall located at 141 S. First St.

Fiumara is hopeful the meetings will help city officials “to build upon (the) vision for downtown and develop a master plan for spending the $10 million to reintroduce a vibrant and sustainable downtown that our families will cherish for generations to come,” he said.

Included with that vision the city will submit information required for the application including the size and boundaries of the proposed DRI area, recent investments and future investment potential, impact of job growth, downtown assets and efforts to increase the quality of life in the proposed DRI area, local support for the application, information on previous public engagements and planning documents related to investment of the area, and demonstration of projects that will be ready for implementation within the first two years as a result of the infusion of the DRI.

City officials are asking for any members of the public in the city of Fulton to attend the meetings to bring “innovative ideas that could become part of one of the best things to happen to Fulton in decades,” Fiumara said.

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  1. Forget it.
    Downtown Fulton was ruined? years ago when the mayor back then did away with the dizzy block.There has been countless money spent sense then to try and get business there.
    This city is dying,taxed to death,not a thing for kids to do.Just look at the empty buildings in Fulton and now they want to spend money on downtown.Give me a break!!!!!
    They want to do something ??? Try flushing out the dead weight and get the taxes down.I got a over 100 year house,a postage stamp size yard and my tax bill is over $1,500.00.This could be my last year here I can’t afford it on my Social Security.
    My sister in Albany moving to S C nice house her taxes will be less then mine. That’s for school and prop.
    Everytime I see a city Alderman they say the same old bull.We are doing the best we can.I say wrong,weed out fire Depts to start with.

  2. I doubt that a $10M government handout will change the plight of Fulton. No private sector employment and a dependency on government cash has decimated most of the formerly prosperous cities in the Northeast. It’s well past time to move to the jobs because they’re not going to move to you.

  3. You could drop $100 million into Fulton and get the same result. Mismanagement by city government. Drain the swamp at City Hall for starters. $10 million only puts a little paint and sparkle on a few buildings. It does nothing to address the underlying problems plaguing the city and Central New York as a whole. Lack of blue-collar jobs, sky high taxes, generational use and abuse of welfare, and the same tired liberal rhetoric from Albany courtesy of the Cuomo clan.

  4. Wow… all the negativity… Can’t help the City comeback by sitting behind a keyboard complaining. We need to gain some civic pride back and this will help. Cities in Upstate who have been able to revitalize their downtowns have seen new growth and we need this badly. I plan on going and hope to see people there.

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