Fulton Author Signs Copies Of Her Latest Novel

By Samuel Weisman, Contributing Writer
FULTON, NY – Julia Becca, local author, was at Backstreet Books in Fulton on Saturday to promote her newest novel, “Her Demons of Passion.”

The story takes place in Jamaica, where a beautiful young woman finds herself the suspect in a series of murders.

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Julia Becca signs a book and chats with a patron at the book signing.

With time running out, she must solve the case and clear her name. The book is filled with action, suspense, thrills, and some sensual scenes, according to the author.

Becca received a bachelor’s degree in accounting, but says she has “always been a writer.”

She never thought however, that her work was good enough to be published. That is, until she started showing her writings to a few people.

“I kind of put my stories online in blogs and forums and that type of thing and the feedback was phenomenal,” she said. “My friends that I met online were actually the people who pushed me into going forward with my book.”

Becca walked into Backstreet Books, a learning center (business) sponsored by Oswego County Opportunities, with a box containing her latest novel in her arms, and her daughter by her side.

Admittedly, Becca expected the book signing to be small, but did not allow that to dampen her optimistic outlook towards her new book and its potential.

“It’s very rewarding for me even if I don’t sell a lot of books,” Becca said.

She picked up a copy of her novel and said, “This right here, holding this in my hands, is the most amazing feeling to me in the world.”

Her first novel, “Her Own Serenity,” received very good reviews and according to Becca, can be placed in the soft erotica genre.

Her latest story has some of those provocative elements, but has toned down the sex to make way for the murder mystery to develop.

So much so, that her 14-year-old daughter was allowed to read this novel, which was not the case with her first book.

Becca’s daughter, Jessica, was the first to read the novel.

“I liked it a lot. I liked the middle parts where there’s so much mystery and intrigue,” she said.

Local author Julia Becca with her daughter, Jessica, at the book signing at Backstreet Books in Fulton.
Local author Julia Becca with her daughter, Jessica, at the book signing at Backstreet Books in Fulton.

Jessica promises that “the end is a surprise, and mom doesn’t give it away too early.

“That’s what I’m worried about because I do have everything going on in my head and I’m  trying to  write it as if I’m reading it for the first time, hoping I don’t give too much away until the end,” Becca said.

Becca said that when it comes to writing, she needs a nice quiet spot. She goes to a coffee shop with her headphones and laptop. She listens to Nora Jones and writes away.

She admits to getting lost in her work. She has lost track of time while coming up with ideas, sometimes letting hours pass as she lets her mind keep running.

“My first book had to do with a lot of stories that I kind of conjured up in my head,” she said. “I guess some of it was based on my life, that type of thing. But, my second book is all from my imagination.”

Starting out, Becca found it difficult to get a publishing company to read her book.

She said, “I must have put out a hundred synopses and emails to publishing houses and agents and they don’t even look at my work. When they say we don’t have the time to look at you right now, over and over again, it gets really frustrating.”

Undaunted, she pressed on with her goal of being a published author.

She added, “It’s the total pursuit, and I know I have to keep doing it.”

Becca maintains her full-time job. She is also a full-time wife and mother. Her biggest obstacle is time.

“I have so much going on in my life right now that I have to physically put time into my book. If I get away from it too long I kind of lose track of where I am and have to re-read it,” Becca said, adding with a little laugh, “By the time it goes to editing I know it word for word.”

Becca is working on a new project, which is going to be a series of four books.

She said she is about halfway done with the first novel.

Although she would not disclose any spoilers, she did say that it was a drama, had the element of revenge as a theme, and of course some steamy scenes.

“There could be some murder in there as well,” she hinted. But, she is not sure.

Becca’s advice to young writers: “Don’t give up. It can be frustrating and it’s hard sometimes and not everyone is going to love your work. But as long as you love it, do it.”

“If you write something and expect people to say, ‘wow,’ and they don’t, it’s going to hurt you. So do it for yourself and nobody else,” she added.