Fulton Block Builders Announces Pride Grants

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FULTON, NY – Fulton Block Builders announces Pride Gtants,

Pride Grants are available to blocks that have successfully completed at least one year of a Fulton Block Builder Block Challenge Grant.

Pride Grants offer a wide range of grants (between $100 and $3,000) to support projects and activities that sow the seeds of revitalization by engaging residents in the resurgence of their neighborhoods.

Pride Grants require coordination with neighbors to improve the neighborhood.

At least five neighborhood households must apply together for the grant.

If the work is for public space (sidewalks, curbs, parks, etc.) the grants do not require a match (i.e. The area between the sidewalk and street is considered public space.)

If the project improves private properties (roughly between sidewalk and house), and the entire cost for the street is less than $300, no funds from applicants are required.

If the grant exceeds $300, then a minimum of a 1:1 dollar match from property owners are required for every dollar above $300.

The following are examples of projects, activities and expenses eligible for Pride Grants. The list is not exhaustive, and more ideas are available at the https://www.fultonblockbuilders.com/

If you are interested in applying for a PRIDE GRANT or have questions about specific projects and expenses, email Fulton Block Builders at [email protected] or call Linda Eagan at 315-529-9181.

Street-Level Pride Projects-

Tree lining a neighborhood street
Neighborhood Gateway Signage
Supplies for Street Beautification (plants, soil, mulch)
House numbers, mailboxes, picket fences, hedges, etc. for participating households
Communal Tools and Supplies for Neighborhood Clean Ups
Landscape lights, plants, landscaping materials for multiple houses
Support for one property that may be unable to participate for one reason

Beautification and Branding of Parks and Public Spaces-

Beautification projects (trees, plants, soil, mulch, paint)
Planters, park benches, fountains (acquisition or repair)
Signage and Logo Design
Playground Equipment and Repair