Fulton Board of Ed’s Second Chance Budget Cuts Another $132K

A disappointed Fulton Board of Education proposed a new 2010-11 budget that cuts a lean budget a little more deeply.

Voters shot down a $60.8 million budget earlier this month by just 7 votes.

Tuesday night, the board reviewed some fresh cuts made to the budget in hopes of winning enough votes to secure passage in June.

None of the cuts involve laying off another staff member or ending an academic or extracurricular program.  Instead, the district proposed cutting $132,000 in various expenses such as paper and supplies, equipment, professional development, services supplied by BOCES, and contractual costs.

The new budget would require a 1.79% increase in the tax levy.

Voting will take place June 15.  People who are not registered to vote but who want to register can do so in the office of the Superintendent of Schools through June 14 during normal business hours.

“We do have a lean budget,” said Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch. “We went in and took money. Is that going to have an impact? Of course it is. We have maintained services for our students, along with extracurricular activities and athletics.”

“It’s frustrating to me to say, jeez, we didn’t have 7 or 8 more people come out,” said board member Dan Pawlewicz.

Even more frustrating is the prospect of a second no vote, which forces the district to impose a contingent budget.  The district would have to cut another $152,000.  More than that, the law covering contingent budgets would prevent the district from buying equipment except for equipment essential for student health and safety.  And every community group that uses a school facility will have to pay the entire cost of using those buildings — utilities, supervision and custodial costs.  That would affect everything from Neighborhood Watch meetings to community swim programs.

It would have “a significant impact on the culture of this community,” said Lynch.

“I cannot emphasize enough my frustration,” said Pawlewicz.  “Don’t assume your vote doesn’t count.”

“I think the budget is very responsible,” said board member Brian Hotaling. “Now we’re nickle and diming.  The contingent budget would be a disaster.”


  1. We know our votes count….that’s why we voted no. Like the man said to the barber “i think you can take a little more off the top”. Do we really need some of these postions at the Ed Center?

  2. I agree with Mike’s comment. Do we really need 12 or more positions working under the Superintendent and Special Assignment Jobs? Some of these positions could be combined. Come on step up to the plate and cut from the top, don’t worry about hurting your “friends” feelings. Do your job, that’s what WE are paying you for.

  3. I agree more needs to be cut at 4th street however voting no isn’t going to get anyone to take “from the top” instead there will not be enough equipment and paper to last the school year.
    Using a BUDGET to push a political agenda isn’t going to get the result you need but get less for our students.

  4. As one of the 53% of the people in the city who votes, I can say enough is enough. I can not afford another tax increase in school or property. Every year the schools want more and more and more.Less children are graduating less and less. In a city that is dwindling in size daily and leaving few to pay the tax base, seriouse changes need to be made. Mr. D Pawlewicz JEEZZ I few more people couldnt come out and vote NO.
    The best place to start to redefine the budget is at the top.
    Its time for a change

  5. Using the Budget is the only way to force changes. Cut their funding and they have to do what the rest of us do – live within our means. This country was founded in part because of out of control taxes (without representation) and that is what has happened with school taxes. You had better pray that the state doen’t drop the Star program or you will be paying another $750 + in taxes.

  6. its about time that something got voted down in fulton, how about the political machine, the cop shop,and the fire dept. enough is enough, with all the cops to pay, i can’t wonder why no one gets a break and that nystate is number 5 out of 50 states for tickets to help pay the bills. let someone start a movement in fulton to turn back the clock, thrn the towns, county and state. the tea party movement is do the job of cutting the federal government. its time that we cut the politicions down to where they should be, listening to the citizens of this great country instead of themselves.

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