Fulton Buys Two Police Cars

Fulton city lawmakers met briefly Thursday to buy two new cars — the last ones available in the state for the rest of the year –  for the Fulton Police Department.

Mayor Ron Woodward said the city will pay cash, instead of borrowing money, to buy two interceptors for no more than $55,000.  The city will use money returned recently under a payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement with Fulton Cogeneration over the now-closed and emptied power-making plant adjacent to the former Nestle factory.

Normally, the city borrows to make its purchases, but the unanticipated cash from Fulton Cogen allows a straight buy.  “Borrowing just costs you more,” said Woodward.

The two interceptors will be bought using the state’s certified low bidder, a firm from New Jersey.

The purchase comes just in time — the city is buying the last two cars available under the state bid for this year.  Otherwise, the city would have to wait for next year’s bidder to be certified and the vehicles would not arrive until at least May, Woodward said.

The new police vehicles will arrive in town in a few weeks, he said.

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  1. I love the fact that this city sees it fit to purchase 2 new police vehicles after purchasing 2 or 3 new police vehicles earlier in the year. If I’m not mistaken the charger, the black and white durango and possibly a third cruiser were all purchased this year. I also believe that the city just purchased one or two vehicles for the fire department, the chief’s ford, and i believe there is another one. It baffles me how a city that is in such desperate need of road work and other work goes out and pisses money away on unnecessary vehicles. Big deal if you have to wait until next may, heaven fore bid you wait an extra 6-8 months. But it shows the intelligence behind this city’s politicians.

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