Fulton CDA Receives Housing Counseling Grant

Staff Report

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Community Development Agency has secured $40,000 in grant funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The agency is one of nearly 400 national, state and local agencies that has received a housing counseling grant this year.

As a HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency, the Fulton CDA will be able to use the funding for the up-coming year to help address critical foreclosure prevention issues as well as other financial problems facing community members in today’s economy, according to CDA Executive Director Joseph Fiumara.

“This was part of a two-step process,” Fiumara said.

The CDA became a certified counseling agency in 2005.

“We always ran that service with our existing programs,” Fiumara said. “We see this grant as an important part to providing these services.”

While the agency primarily targets residents in the city of Fulton, Fiumara said that the counseling programs are available to anyone in Oswego County.

Counseling services related to the following areas are currently provided: rental housing needs, fair housing issues, pre-purchase and homebuyer assistance, mortgage delinquency/default issues, post-purchase non-delinquent and rehabilitation problems.

“The grant will allow us to expand on those services,” Fiumara noted.

Those seeking additional information can contact the CDA at (315)593-7166.