Fulton Celebrates School Board Recognition Week

FULTON – The Fulton City School District administrators and staff members recently sent heartfelt appreciation to their Board of Education representatives in honor of School Board Recognition Week.

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Board recognized

Organized by the New York State School Boards Association, local BOE members are honored from Oct. 22 to Oct. 26.

The celebratory week has served as a reminder and token of thanks to Fulton’s seven BOE representatives for all their volunteer work and dedication to helping FCSD students work toward becoming lifelong learners.

The week has also celebrated an awareness and understanding for the important work performed by school board members.

“It takes strong schools to build a strong community, and these men and women devote countless hours to making sure our schools are helping every child learn at a higher level,” said Brian Pulvino, superintendent. “They make the tough decisions every month and spend many hours studying education issues and regulations to provide the kind of accountability our citizens expect.”

Pulvino said the key work of school boards is to raise student achievement by: creating a shared vision for the future of education, setting the direction of the school district to achieve the highest student performance, providing accountability for student achievement results, developing a budget that aligns district resources to improve achievement and supporting a healthy school district culture in which to work and to learn, among much more.

The gift of providing Fulton citizens a voice in education decision making is made possible, he said, by the following FCSD Board of Education members: Robbin Griffin (president), Timothy Crandell (vice president), Brenda Abelgore (clerk), Fallon Cooper, David Cordone and Lynn Lyons.