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September 24, 2018

Fulton City Council Presents Resolution of Respect for Donald H. Gardner

FULTON – Mayor of Fulton, Ronald Woodward, and the rest of the city council acknowledged the late Donald Gardner at a council meeting on October 5 with a resolution of respect.

Presented to Gardner’s son and grandson, the council took the time to recognize and thank Gardener’s family for the service to the city they have provided.

The Fulton City Council presents a Resolution of Respect for the late Donald H. Gardner.

The Fulton City Council presents a Resolution of Respect for the late Donald H. Gardner. From left to right are James Myers, 4th ward councilman; Lawrence Myers, 6th ward councilman; Robert Gardner, son of Donald Gardner; Norman Foster, 5th ward councilman; Ronald Woodward, Mayor of Fulton; Thomas Kenyon, 1st ward councilman; Kyler Gardner, grandson of Donald Gardner; and Daniel Knopp, 2nd ward councilman.

“We have a good fire department here, very professional, and I’m glad to see some of them and some family members here as we honor Dan tonight,” said Mayor Woodward.

Donald Gardener was a life-long Fulton resident whom served as a police officer for the Fulton Police Department in the 1960’s.

Gardner then went on to transfer to the Fulton City Fire Department where he served until his retirement in 1993 as assistant fire chief.

He also served as chief of the Cody Volunteer Fire Department serving the Fulton area.

Gardner’s son, Robert and grandson, Kyler followed in his footsteps in fire service as well.

Donald H. Gardner passed away peacefully at age 77 after a long illness on September 7, 2015.

In the meeting’s final comments Woodward added, “I’d just like to thank the Gardner family for coming tonight, and for their service to our city.”

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