Fulton City, County Officials Attend Helping Hands For Fulton Meeting

Attending the second meeting of HHFF (Helping Hands For Fulton) were county legislators, Linda Lockwood (R-11th District – Vice Chairman), Jim Karasek (R-22nd District), and myself, Frank Castiglia Jr. (D-25th District).

All but two of the Fulton Common Council attended along with the mayor.

We were joined via phone by Mr. Tim Ryan from the Restructuring Board (purely as a spectator).

Many things were discussed in ways the county could help the city with some shared services.

Some obvious things were brought up like: The fact that Fulton is in the top four for taxed cities in the state (And we thought we were number ONE).

Also the fact that for our population we are way over-manned in one of our public safety departments (another no brainer).

One of the items brought up was the possibility of eight-hour shifts for the fire department and how the mutual aid has a big impact on the cost for the taxpayers in the city of Fulton.

Although there were two very positive ideas brought to the table, but they are only in the talking stage right now and it would not be pertinent to mention them at this point in time.

I will say that both of these ideas would be supported by all three of the county legislators.

I can’t speak for the city.

We did agree to have another meeting in March and every month the time and day were in question.

Frank Castiglia Jr.
County Legislator for the 25th District

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  1. Fourth isn’t bad enough for you? One of these days you’re going have to do something other than schedule another meeting. It’s been staring the mayor and city council in the face for years. Fulton can not afford the size of police and fire depts. The city has had no code enforcement and look at all the slums in this town not city. I hope there’s something left worth saving buy the time you’ve scheduled all your meetings.

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