Fulton City GOP Announces Endorsements

FULTON, NY – At its meeting on Monday (June 8), the City of Fulton Republican Committee endorsed the following candidates:

District Attorney – Gregory Oakes

Oswego County Legislature

District 25 – Mark Sherman,
District 24 – Peter Holmes,
District 22 – James Karasek,
District 11 – Linda Lockwood

City of Fulton Mayor – Ronald Woodward

City of Fulton Common Council

First Ward – Bradley Warner
Third Ward – Timothy Crandell

Notably, the committee did NOT endorse the following incumbents:

Fourth Ward Councilman – Jim Myers. A motion was made to endorse Myers, but there was no second.
Fifth Ward Councilman – Norman Jay Foster, no motion or second was made to endorse Foster.

The only primary will be in Legislative District 25.

Republican endorsed candidate Sherman will be facing off against former legislator Louella Leclair.

Near the close of the meeting chairman Marc Holliday told the committee he was resigning as chairman so he could focus on selling his home and moving.

Holliday is still on the committee.

Holliday recommended that James Karasek should be his successor and in a unanimous vote, Karasek was elected the new chairman of the City of Fulton Republican Committee.