Fulton City School District Acknowledges Students with Exemplary Attendance

<p>Lanigan Elementary School student Everett Wood poses with his father, Gregory Wood, after winning a gift card for his exemplary attendance. Everett’s good attendance habits were acknowledged as part of the “It’s COOL 2B in School” campaign in the Fulton City School District.</p>

Good attendance is critical to school success.

The Fulton City School District launched the “It’s COOL 2B in School” attendance campaign during the 2011-2012 school year to raise awareness about the importance of good attendance habits.

The Fulton City School District recognizes that being in school, arriving on time and ready to learn are habits that are essential to being respectful, responsible and safe members of our community.

As part of this awareness campaign, more than 2,000 Fulton students and their families signed a pledge committing to good attendance habits.

<p>Granby Elementary School student Lindsey Benthin and her mother, Jessica Shaffer, were recognized for their participation in the Fulton City School District’s “It’s COOL 2B in School” attendance campaign. Lindsey was Granby the winner of a gift card in recognition of her exemplary attendance for this school year.</p>

Good attendance will not only help students succeed in school, but will lay the foundation for habits that will support their success in college or a career.

Students who signed the attendance pledge and maintained an attendance rate of 90% or better during the first and second quarters were eligible to enter a drawing for a $100 gift card.

One winner was selected from each of the district’s six schools: Brandon Clark (G. Ray Bodley High School); Victoria Crego (Fulton Junior High School); Kira Hartnett (Fairgrieve Elementary School); Lindsey Benthin (Granby Elementary School); Everett Wood (Lanigan Elementary School) and Jordyn Mason (Volney Elementary School).

Students who continue to maintain attendance rates of 90% or better and have signed the attendance pledge will be eligible to enter additional drawings held throughout the school year.

<p>Kira Hartnett, sixth grade student at Fairgrieve Elementary School, celebrates her exemplary attendance with her parents, Michael and Leann Hartnett, Fairgrieve Principal Jean Ciesla and School-Home Liaison Vince Markowsky. Kira won the second quarter attendance prize as part of the “It’s COOL 2B in School” campaign.</p>

The Fulton City School District would like to thank The Wal-Mart Foundation, Fulton Sunrise Rotary Club, Fulton Noon Rotary Club, Fulton Professional Firefighters’ Association, Fulton Savings Bank, Burke’s Home Center, Dental Health Solutions of Fulton, Kathy’s Cakes and Specialty Treats and Performance Physical Therapy for their generous donations in support of this campaign.

<p>G. Ray Bodley High School student Brandon Clark is congratulated for his exemplary attendance by Principal Donna Parkhurst and School-Home Liaison Kelly Weston. Brandon’s high attendance rate qualified him to win the second quarter drawing as part of the District’s “It’s COOL 2B in School” campaign.</p>