Fulton Common Council Advertises Public Hearings

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Common Council advertised for two public hearings at the regular meeting held Tuesday (August 2.)

The first public hearing is in regards to a zone change request for the location at 837 and 839 Oneida St., currently a commercial (C-1) property serving as a two-family home.

The current owner is seeking to change the zoning from C-1 to R-1 in order to sell the property and allow the buyer to transform to a single-family residence.

The second public hearing is in regards to amending a local law of the City Charter entitled “Rental permits.”

Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. explained that the Common Council intends to change the rental permit fee from $30 to $50 for a five-year permit period.

Both public hearings will take place at the Common Council’s next meeting to be held August 16 after the public comment section of the agenda beginning at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Building located at 141 S. First St.

Additionally, the council advertised for request for proposals (RFP) for two separate residential properties located at 407 Vorhees St. and 819 Hannibal St.

Both properties were acquired by the city through tax foreclosure and were scheduled for demolition.

“We have had people come forward that feel they can be rehabbed, they’re willing to put the investment in but we have to do a request for proposal. You’re going to notice the asking price is quite small, however it’s much less than the cost of demolition,” Mayor Woodward said.

He further explained that with all RFPs the council goes through the properties with the mayor and gives the bidder one year to do what is required to bring the property up to code, otherwise the property goes back to the city.

Any proposals may be submitted to the City Clerk Chamberlain’s office located in the Municipal Building on or before August 15 up to 2 p.m. to be publicly opened at 2:15 p.m.

Similarly, the council unanimously approved the sale of two properties acquired by the city through tax foreclosure.

The vacant lot located at 116-118 Division St. was approved for sale to the adjoining property owner for $1,250.

The residential property located at 312 S. Seventh St. was approved for sale for $15,000.

Finally, the council authorized to increase the bond for the massive energy project that began in the Municipal Building earlier this year.

The original bond of $450,000 will be increased by $85,000 to enhance the building, originally built in 1969, in such ways as LED lighting, insulate the duct work, and putting in variable speed drives to reduce demand charge.

“When the project is done, the cost savings will pay for the bond,” said Mayor Woodward, and explained that the project will see reimbursements from National Grid.