Fulton Common Council Notes & Tidbits

The Fulton Common Council meeting Tuesday was notable for one thing: The return of Alderman Norman “Jay” Foster. The fifth ward’s representative has been away from the Council table, though not from his work as an Alderman, during his fight against lymphatic cancer.

Foster had to stay away from large groups of people because his chemotherapy treatments left him with no defense against catching colds and flus.

There’s something he wants everyone to know about his health: “Things are looking good, contrary to what’s being said out there.” He said scans of his body have come back clean.

He’s also running for reelection.

Wearing a baseball cap to cover a head made bald by chemo and using a metal cane to help him get around, Foster had no complaints but instead offered a bit of inspiration. “Challenges come t all our lives,” he said. “I’ve had mine. It’s been quite the experience.”


In routine business:

  • The Council approved a resolution of support for the Fulton Police Department’s attempt to qualify for a grant to buy tasers and some new computers. The grant money is available through the federal stimulus plan’s fundingn for public safety projects. The department would buy 7 tasers, which cost about $800 each. The department would also buy four new computers to help with tracking crime. The grat request totals $13,684.
  • The Council okayed easements to install sewer lines at 901 Holly Drive and 920 Utica St., as well as an easement at 910 Utica St. at the First Church of the Nazarene. The easements allow the city to add or repair services on privately owned land.
  • The Council approved a rental agreement for the city’s postage machine.
  • Aldermen approved contracts with the Oswego City-County Youth Bureau for the Fulton Recreation Program and a DARE/Stranger Danger program.
  • And Aldermen fixed a mistake to fix the expiration date of Commissioners of Deeds, who had been appointed for a one year term but who must, by law, be appointed for two years. The Commissioners affected are David Guyer (who voted on the measure as a member of the Common Council), Holly Carpenter, Louella LeClair, Dana Smith, Mark Fruce, Timothy Crandell and Joann Cavalier. Their terms now expire on June 2, 2011.