Fulton Community Theatre Announces Its 2017 Season

FULTON – A romantic battle over a personalized license plate, a modern take on an age-old faerie tale, six high school students locked in a high school on a hell mouth, and New Jersey’s own cult superhero – The Toxic Avenger – are part of the offerings coming in 2017 as Fulton Community Theatre proudly announces its 27th season.

Fulton Community TheatreThe three plays and one musical will all be making their Central New York debuts as part of FCT’s main stage season.

The four shows join with returning FCT special events: Tenebrae, the Rock & Roll Cantata, the 16th edition of its popular An Evening On Broadway cabaret series and a planned Christmas variety show.

The mainstage shows are:

Panache – a comedy by Don Gordon
Directed by Michael A. Bolio
Presented in dinner theatre at Tavern On The Lock Restaurant.
February 3 – 12, 2017

What could possibly have motivated sophisticated, attractive, European-educated Mrs. Kathleen Trafalgar to get into her Mercedes SL 450 one afternoon and drive to the inner city to track down a rough-edged, hard-drinking, fry cook named Harry Baldwin?

What does this woman want so badly?

Panache: A six by twelve inch piece of tin issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. It seems they both applied for exactly the same personalized license plate. Kathleen is married to a man she regards as dashing, eloquent, Renaissance personified, and she wants to put it on his Bentley.

Harry already has the plate on his Ford truck.

For both of them this seven letter word holds special meaning.

It relates to a very private, unforgettable incident in each of their lives.

The play becomes an intellectual battle ultimately exposing the irrelevance of social status and the needs of two lonely people.

Eventually out come the secrets, the fears, the disappointments.

Ashgirl – a fantasy by Timberlake Wertenbaker
Directed by Marguerite Beebe
June 1 – 10, 2017

In a big old house, Ashgirl lives huddled deep in the protection of an ashy hearth.

With her mother dead and her father away, she lives with her stepmother and two stepsisters. When the invitation to the ball arrives from the prince, Ashgirl finds the strength to go with the help of her friends, some of whom come from expected places.

When she gets home, she realizes that in order to regain the fleeting happiness she found in the arms of the prince, she must fight the monsters that have slithered and insinuated their way into her heart and mind.

With touches of the Brothers Grim and C.S. Lewis, Ashgirl is a dark, eclectic faerie tale anthology that is a treat for the eyes.

The Toxic Avenger by Joe DiPietro and David Bryan
Directed by Marguerite Beebe
musical direction by Michael A. Bolio and Ben Borenstein
Presented in conjunction with Encore presentations.
August 4 – 12, 2017

Melvin Ferd, the third, wants to clean up Tromaville, the most polluted town in New Jersey (just off Exit 13B on the Turnpike).

Foiled by the mayor’s bullies, Melvin is dumped into a vat of radioactive toxic waste, only to reemerge as The Toxic Avenger, New Jersey’s first superhero.

Affectionately known as Toxie, our new hero is a seven-foot mutant freak with superhuman strength and a heart as big as Newark.

He’s out to save New Jersey, end global warming, and woo the blind librarian in town.

Based on Lloyd Kaufman’s cult film and winner of the Outer Critics Circle Award for Best Off-Broadway Musical, The Toxic Avenger is a charming love story and laugh-out-loud musical that has it all: an unlikely hero, his beautiful girlfriend, a corrupt New Jersey mayor and two guys who play… well, everyone else … bullies, mobsters, old ladies and stiletto-wearing back up singers.

With book and lyrics by Joe DiPietro and music and lyrics by David Bryan, the show also features the most memorable and unbelievable duet you’ll ever see on any stage.

Nightmare High School a comic thriller by Patrick Rainville Dorn
Directed by Donald Crowe
October 27 and 28, 2017

Six high school students join forces one stormy night, staking out the bare stage of their school auditorium to discover the identity of the mysterious Locker Stalker.

What begins as a half-hearted joke turns into a roller coaster evening of thrills, chills and side-splitting laughter as each student’s nightmare comes to life onstage!

Colin confronts a living, growing blob of cafeteria-style mashed potatoes.

Kellie is horrified to discover the real reason why everyone at school is ignoring her.

Charlene is chased by a crazed ’cereal’ killer with a questionable taste in victims, and Todd’s worst fantasies about science lab and what teachers do on weekends is like nothing you’ve ever seen!

For more information, including updates on auditions, season venue announcements, and season patronage, please email FCT at [email protected], or go to www.fultoncommunitytheatre.org