Fulton Community Theatre To Hold Auditions For ‘The Fantasticks’

FULTON, NY – Fulton Community Theatre will hold open auditions for its April production of the musical “The Fantasticks” on February 5 and 6 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. in the Bishop’s Hall of Holy Trinity Parish, 309 Buffalo St.

Debuting in 1960, “The Fantasticks,” with book and lyrics by Tom Jones and music by Harvey Schmidt, has been called “the world’s longest running musical.”

It features the songs, “Try to Remember,” “Soon It’s Gonna Rain,” and “They Were You” – all which have become popular standards. The story centers on Matt and Luisa, two young lovers, and their meddling parents who contract with the mysterious El Gallo to ensure a happy ending. Life, however, is more than just a love song under the moonlight.

FCT’s production will be under the direction of Kathleen DeGolyer, with musical direction by Abel Searor.

Auditioners are asked to prepare 32 bars of a Broadway song and will read scenes from the libretto.

The production will run weekends, April 19 through 28 on the stage of Jubilee Hall at Holy Trinity Parish.

In the past, productions of the musical have featured the two parents, Hucklabee and Bellomy, as fathers, while others productions cast them as mothers. DeGolyer and Searor will be double-casting the parental roles, and doing both the fathers and mothers versions of the musical in rotation during the run of the show.

The characters of “The Fantasticks” are as follows:

The Mute (any age): Non-speaking character who provides props, moves furnishings around, and mimes some action.

El Gallo (Male, 25 – 40): Dashing, sophisticated, and the narrator of the story. Needs a strong baritone voice.

Matt (Male, 18-25): Young romantic lead. Idealistic and looking for adventure and love, he finds that both are available literally in his own back yard. Needs strong tenor/baritone voice.

Luisa (Female, 18-25): Young romantic lead. In love with the idea of being in love, she discovers that beautiful appearances can disguise horrible things. Needs strong soprano voice.

Hucklebee, Bellomy (40 plus, either gender): Loving parents who try to influence their children’s futures and are distressed to find out their meddling has unanticipated consequences. Need baritone/mezzo soprano voices.

Henry, (Male, 50 plus): An aging actor past his prime who often breaks out in monologues that he can’t quite remember. No singing required.

Mortimer (Male, Any age): Henry’s acting companion, whose main claim to fame is dying on stage. Both Henry and Mortimer are used to carry out the pretended abduction. No singing required.

For more information contact Fulton Community Theatre at 315-598-7840, www.fultoncommunitytheatre.net or email [email protected]