Fulton Community Track and Field Festival Held

Submitted article

Carmelito Deleon (Orange Team) clears the high jump with a foot to spare at the Fulton Community Track and Field Festival.

The Fulton City School District recently held their Fourth Annual Community Track and Field Festival at the G. Ray Bodley Athletic Complex. Four teams comprised of students from grades 4-11 competed in 11 track and field events, which included: hurdles, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m/1600m, hurdles, high jump, shot put, long jump, discus, and triple jump. The competition was divided into three divisions: Junior (grades 4-6), Intermediate (grades7-8), and Senior (grades 9-11). Each student participated in three events.

This year’s event was made possible through the support and sponsorship from local businesses and organizations. The individual teams were sponsored by Fulton Teacher’s Association (Red Team), Fulton Sunrise Rotary (Orange Team), Fulton Noon Rotary Club (Gold Team), and Fulton Police Benevolent Association (Blue Team). Other festival sponsors included: Fairgrieve P.T.O., Fulton Fire Fighter’s Association, The Fulton Lions Club, Fulton Knights of Columbus, and Granby PTG.

The athletic complex was alive with excitement as family, friends, school administrators, and community members gathered to cheer on the teams during their competitions. The top six students who placed in each event received ribbons and then their individual scores were tallied to obtain overall team results. In the closest race in festival history: first place was award to the Gold Team (321 points), second place to the Orange Team (319 points), third place to the Red Team (293.5 points), and fourth place to the Blue Team (282.5 points).

Commenting on the great success of the festival, Dave Wilson, Physical Education Teacher from Granby, says, “This festival is truly a community effort and thanks to the parents for their commitment to the event.”

Brandon Wallon (Blue Team) making his throw in the shot put at the Fulton Community Track and Field Festival.

Michael Ledger (Red Team) flies in the 200m hurdles at the Fulton Community Track and Field Festival.