Fulton Companies Aids Head Start

FULTON, NY – Audrey Fowler of The Fulton Companies and Joy Zimmerman, director of Ontario Health and Fitness Center and Pulaski Physical Therapy as well as director of The Fulton Companies’ Wellness Program, present OCO Development Director Margaret Barclay with a large clothing donation for the OCO Head Start program.

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From left are: Audrey Fowler, Joy Zimmerman and Margaret Barclay.

Members of The Fulton Companies’ Wellness Program collected gently used and new winter clothing that was donated by employees of The Fulton Companies and held an in-house drawing for SU basketball tickets that raised $585 to purchase new clothing.

“We hope this donation goes a long way in helping the children in OCO’s Head Start program,” said Zimmerman.

Absent from the photo are The Fulton Companies’ Wellness Team members Amy Dunsmoor, Ann Sheltra, Lisa Oaster, Seth Hicks, Josh Pratt, Jake Robinson, Jim Pitsley, Pierre Rutherford and Robert Galletta.

OCO Head Start is available for children age 3 and 4 at no cost to families with incomes at or below federally set guidelines.

Operating throughout the school year, Head Start provides children with comprehensive education, health, and nutrition services.

Did you know … Oswego County Opportunities is celebrating 50 years of service to the Oswego County community in 2016?

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