Fulton Council Acts on Property Sales, Appointments and Phillips Street Bridge Project

FULTON, NY – The Common Council held a special meeting Thursday to discuss a multitude of topics. First on the agenda, the council voted on an offer for a property the city had previously acquired through tax foreclosure.

Catholic Charities offered to buy the property located at 354-358 West Second Street for $1,500. They will use the property as a means of parking. Currently, the parking for their building is not enough to accommodate all the vehicles for the building.

Unable to park in the parking lot across the street that belongs to Save-A-Lot, the vehicles have been forced to park on the road on Pine Street, causing a parking and traffic issue.

The council approved the purchase by unanimous decision, only missing the vote of Fourth Ward Councilor James Myers as he was not present at the meeting.

The council then moved on to two vacant properties in the city being offered for purchase by the properties’ neighbors.

The properties of 508 Fremont Street and 903 Emery Street were unanimously passed through council to be purchased by the prospective parties.

Former Nestles building #30 on Fay Street and adjoining Nestles building #30 on South Fourth Street were discussed as purchase options for Gary Spring with Spring Storage Park, U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer.

These property purchases created some questions for the council, especially from Third Ward Councilor Ryan Raponi.

He brought forth concerns with the current prospective owner being previous business partners with a person named, Palmer. He requested that a stipulation be put in place that the new owners would not be able to do business with Palmer.

Mayor Ron Woodward Sr. ensured that after speaking with Spring he is sure Palmer will not be involved.

However, Raponi brought another concern to light as well, the need to replace the wiring and plumbing of the entire building.

Second Ward Councilor Daniel Knopp questioned what the use of the building would be for, as far as storage and U-Haul equipment.

Mayor Woodward offered to put a hold on the vote and schedule a meeting with prospective buyer, Spring and the Common Council. The council decided to follow through with this action.

The council then recognized the appointment of Timothy Crandell and Donald R. Patrick Jr. as Commissioners of Deeds in Fulton for a two-year term effective immediately, June 25 2015.

Finally, the council reviewed the biddings of the Phillips Street Bridge Over Tannery Creek Project.

Four bids were submitted from W.D. Malone, Vector Construction Company, Economy Paving Co, Inc. and Tuscarora Construction.

Despite an arithmetic error, W.D. Malone had the lowest bid of $704,104.80.

C&S Engineering and City Clerk/Chamberlain Daniel A. O’Brien both recommended the council award the bid to the lowest bidder, W.D. Malone. The council unanimously agreed to this decision.

Check back for updates on project start dates and further information as provided.