Fulton Council Approves Sale Of Two Nestles Properties

FULTON, NY – Nestles Building #30, located on Fay Street, and the adjoining parking lot, located on South Fourth Street were sold to Gary E. Springs of Spring Storage Park at the July 7 Common Council meeting.

The council unanimously approved the sale.

Many members of the council were concerned with the sale to Springs for a multitude of reasons.

Most dominantly, the council raised concerns regarding Springs’ prior business relations with Ed Palmer, the former owner of Nestles who pled guilty to a felony charge of violating the Clean Air Act by illegally removing asbestos from the buildings and leaving the city with a large amount of back taxes on the buildings.

In a separate meeting held with Springs and the council, Springs was adamant that he does not have any business relations with Palmer.

“The meeting went pretty well, the council seemed satisfied. The thing is, we don’t know the people coming in to do business, but you can’t let that stop you from doing business,” Mayor Ronald Woodward told Oswego County Today. “I’ve been at this a little bit longer. I know you can’t tell someone they can’t associate with certain people, this is America. But I understand the council’s concerns and I’m glad we had the meeting.”

Springs intends to use the building and parking lot for warehousing and his U-Haul business.

As a dealer for U-Haul, he rents them out and sells parts.

Another concern regarding his usage of the parking lot was brought forth at the council meeting.

“I don’t want to see that parking lot turned into a junk yard for storing things,” said Second Ward Councilor Daniel Knopp.

Mayor Woodward ensured that there are regulations to be followed and that would not be allowed; they would be able to go after Springs if that were to occur.

Springs bought the properties for a total of $100,000; buying Building #30 for $90,000 and adjoining parking lot for $10,000.

Despite hesitation from First Ward Councilor, Thomas Kenyon, stating, “I’m scared to death of this, but I’m going to say yes,” the motion passed unanimously.

Fourth Ward Councilor James Myers added, “I’m glad to see the sale go through. I think this is the start of transforming the vacant buildings to something positive. I hope we can continue to move forward with Aldi as well.”

Aldi is still interested in the property in spite of the need for the buildings to be torn down, the mayor said.

“The rest of the building at Fay and Fourth need to be torn down. We are just waiting for financial assistance. Aldi would rebuild, they want their own building put up,” said Mayor Woodward.

There was one other bid on the properties of Building #30 and the parking lot.

However, this bid also included the purchase of the Nestles properties on the other side of the street as well where Aldi has announced interest in purchase.

“We felt it was unethical after meeting with Aldi regarding those properties,” clarified Woodward. “Overall, I’m excited but still frustrated. It’s a process and things move slowly.”