Fulton Council Notes: Tannery Creek Bridge About to be Rehabbed

Another deteriorating bridge in the city is about to get fixed.

The tiny bridge over Tannery Creek along Phillips St. needs to be repaired.  It will cost the city about $8,000 for its share of the cost of the preliminary engineering study.

City lawmakers planned to take up the measure last week but set it aside because Mayor Ron Woodward said he wanted to make sure that the federal government was going to continue to pick up 80% of the cost of the work.

The feds may be cutting back to 40% reimbursement for future projects.

Woodward said he wants to be sure of the costs before going forward.

Also at the most recent meeting:

  • Lawmakers decided to spend $5,000 as the cost of installing a new pier at the Indian Point Landing park.  Installation of the new pier is underway.  Woodward said it will jut 50 feet into the Oswego River.  The money, which was transferred from the city’s contingent fund, will pay for the decking that goes on the pier;
  • Councilors confirmed the transfer of property along Ingersoll Drive to Andrew and Joann Anderson and Michael and Katherine Fitzpatrick.  The land was deeded to the city in 1966 because the city at the time intended to build a road on the land.  No road was ever built.  The land was eventually deeded to the Andersons and the Fitzpatricks in 2004 and 2005.  The Council’s ratification helped to clear up any uncertainty about the ownership of the land.