Fulton Council Tidbits: City Sells Former DPW Site

The city has sold the site of the former city DPW administration building to an owner who intends to bring an auto repair business to the city.

The Common Council Tuesday approved the sale of 65 N. 4th St. to Bradley Stevens for $140,000.

The county’s property tax database lists a Bradley J. Stevens as owning two properties in Fulton — a home on Batavia Ave. in which he lives and a vacant lot on Fulton Ave. approximately 100′ by 100′.

The building is the former Fulton Metal Mechanics building, used by the city for its public works crews and storage until the collapse of the nearby DPW garage.  The city consolidated all of its public works crews and some other city departments into a building on the other side of the city.

Mayor Ron Woodward said the buyer was getting some financing from the county Industrial Development Agency to make the purchase and set up the business.


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In other items:

The city accepted and made part of Phillips St. a piece of road the city calls the Phillips St. extension, but which is called Austin Ave. on most maps.

It’s a one block U-shaped street that hooks into Route 48 on both ends.

Mayor Woodward said the city wasn’t aware that the street wasn’t an official city street.  “We shouldn’t have even been maintaining that road,” said Alderman Tom Kenyon, who said he was grateful for the three years of work that went into making the street part of the city.

Kenyon noted that one homeowner gave up 3 feet of property for a city water line as part of the process.


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And the city will soon be the home of one of the county’s Special Operations Trailers.

The trailers are mobile command centers for major incidents, such as the train derailment a few years back in Hastings.

Woodward said the county wanted to keep its three trailers in strategic locations.  The trailer will be housed at the East Side Fire Station.

Woodward said the city’s own smaller incident command trailer will be auctioned off.