Fulton Council Tidbits: No Bonfires in the City

It might be the middle of winter, but city officials have warm, toasty fires on their minds.

City Aldermen recently approved what Mayor Ron Woodward called a clean-up of a city code.

They removed the phrase “…nor build a bonfire in any public street or place” from the city code that deals with weapons and other hazards. But that doesn’t mean that bonfires are suddenly okay.

Bonfires are covered elsewhere in city law.

The weapons code dates to 1944, according to the city’s municipal codes website. The bonfires were regulated and banned in most cases in a separate code enacted in 2008 as outdoor fire pits became an urban trend.

The change was approved unanimously after a public hearing at which no one testified.

Also at its recent meeting, the Council:

  • Advertised for bids for tree pruning and tree removal;
  • Approved allowing Mayor Woodward to sign a memorandum of understanding with Cayuga Community College over police services. The memo says that the college’s public safety office has primary law enforcement jurisdiction on its campus, which is part of the shopping plaza along Route 3 on the city’s western edge. It requires Fulton Police to notify the college about any incident that might affect the safety of students or staff, or the security of any of its property. It requires Fulton Police to notify the college as soon as possible about any warrants executed on college property. And it says that anyone arrested by campus police will be processed by Fulton PD. There was no incident that brought this agreement about, said Woodward. It was created “in the spirit of cooperation,” he said;
  • Appointed Virginia Jacopelle to the Fulton Planning Commission. Jacopelle is a member of the Fulton Community Revitalization Committee. She replaces longtime member and President Sandy Weston, who asked not to be reappointed, Woodward said. Her husband, longtime Alderman Bob Weston, left the Council last year;
  • Appointed Matt Geitner to the Board of Assessment and Review. He replaces Holly Carpenter, who took a job working for State Senator Patty Ritchie. Geitner served on the Fulton Board of Education and is a member of the BOCES Board of Education as Fulton’s representative;
  • Heard from Carpenter during the public portion of the meeting that Sen. Ritchie’s Oswego office will open later this month.