Fulton Council Unanimously Approves Increased Water, Sewer, Garbage Rates

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Common Council unanimously approved the proposed increase in the city’s water, sewer, garbage, and base water rates and also unanimously approved the increase for treatment of leachate and septage hauler disposal rates.

Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. and Commissioner of Department of Public Works Charles Smith Jr. presented the proposed rates as well as background information and numerous graphs before opening a public hearing.

After listening to public comment with little to no resistance Tuesday night, the council unanimously approved all resolutions to fulfill the proposed rate changes.

In a bill analysis available to those in attendance, the rate increases were explained and as the water usage rate will see a 30% increase from $1.81 per 1000 gallon usage to $2.35 per 1,000 gallon usage.

The base water rate will increase 21.7% from $23 per 90 day quarter to $28 per 90 day quarter.

Sewer usage rates will increase 12% from $3.75 per 1000 gallon usage to $4.20 per 1,000 gallon usage.

Lastly, the garbage rate will see a 23.5% increase from $17 per month per unit to $21 per month per unit.

For a real life comparison, the presentation outlined a bill representation comparing the current rates to the newly approved rates for 20,000 gallons of water used per quarter, the approximate estimated usage for a family of four.

Under the current rates at 20,000 gallons the water usage is $36.20, sewer usage is $75, garbage is $51, and base water is $23 totaling a $185.20 quarterly bill.

In comparison, under the newly approved rates, the water usage is $47, the sewer usage is $84, the garbage is $63 and the base water is $28 totaling a $220 quarterly bill, a nearly $35 increase.

These numbers will not reflect the actual bill, but are used as an estimated example per 20,000 gallons per quarter.

The presentation also noted city official’s attempts at “looking at all avenues to generate the revenue needed to continue operating in a safe, cost efficient manner without putting significant financial weight on the backs of the residents of our community.”

For this reason, the common council increased the rates for the treatment of leachate and septage hauler disposal fees that are delivered to the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

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  1. I guess Oswego wins, we still have much higher rates & it doesn’t even include garbage removal….that’s extra.

  2. Fulton still has High School sports. Let us know when Oswego starts paying $29.00 per thousand for school tax.

  3. I think the city is making the decision a lot easier to make with no business wanting to come in and people moving away it may b time to relax in the sand and warm weather.

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