Fulton District Makes Strategic Planning Progress

FULTON – As the Fulton City School District works through the planning of its Strategic Coherence Plan, administrators have aimed to share components of the preparation process, leading up to the plan’s unveiling later this school year.

FCSD administrators have worked alongside various stakeholders, both inside and outside of the school district, to carefully frame the five-year plan.

District officials have decided to first share one of the most important pieces: understanding coherence.

Coherence pertains to people individually and collectively sharing an understanding of what it takes to develop a high-achieving school district.

It requires making sense, sticking together and connecting. Coherence also requires consistency of purpose, practice and shared commitment to improve student achievement.

When large numbers of people have a deep understanding of what needs to be done and see their part in achieving that purpose, powerful things can happen.

The coherence framework directs FCSD toward: focusing the future direction of the district, developing a collaborative culture, deepening learning and securing accountability in its programs.

The FCSD has extensively studied the system.

Both internal staff and outside consultants have pinpointed what steps the district must take to move forward.

Classrooms were observed, focus groups (parents, community members, administrators, teachers, support staff and students) were interviewed, surveys were completed and an organizational assessment was conducted.

With this data and the assistance of a core team of district staff from all levels, the Strategic Coherence Plan that follows is being developed to improve student achievement over the next five years.

Fulton City School District staff members and the entire Fulton community are cordially invited to become involved in the district’s improvement process to help ensure future success for all FCSD students.