Fulton Elementary Students Continue Holiday Tradition at Pratt House Museum

Lanigan Elementary School first-grade students in Samantha Finocchiaro’s classroom recently enjoyed a visit to the Pratt house Museum in Fulton, as part of a holiday tradition of touring the museum and voting in the Parade of Trees event.

FULTON – Every vote counts this holiday season.

That is what several Fulton City School District elementary building students learned as they visited the Pratt House Museum for their respective school’s annual holiday house tour there.

They also were tasked with voting for their favorite decorated holiday tree.

A few classrooms at Lanigan and Volney elementary schools, along with G. Ray Bodley High School, entered a tree into the museum’s annual Parade of Trees event.

Trees that receive the most votes will win cash prizes.

During a visit from Samantha Finocchiaro’s Lanigan first grade classroom, students were amazed at all the lights and decorations, which made for a fun and festive time.

Bryson France said his first vote went for a medieval-themed tree decorated by his classroom’s Lanigan fourth grade buddies.

Following the voting, the young visitors explored the museum’s kitchen, which reflected life in Fulton both before and after the introduction of electricity.

The field trip coincided with several academic units about community.