Fulton Eyesore Building to be Torn Down; New Owner Plans Paid Parking Lot

The building that was home to Smart Tire and Burdick Tire in Fulton, but has sat empty for several years, will soon be torn down.

In its place will be what its new owner hopes is a paid parking lot.

Fulton city lawmakers recently approved the sale of 21 S. Second St. to Mark Lindsley for $10,000.

The property, seized by the city in April, 2009, is assessed at $30,000, according to the county’s property database.

The building “is an eyesore,” said Mayor Ron Woodward.  He said Lindsley agreed to knock down the building and put up a new retaining wall at the back of the property.

He said that by selling the property, the city and its taxpayers would avoid the high cost of removing asbestos from the building.

“It’s a good deal for the city,” Woodward said.

Lindsley, who owns Pine Construction of Fulton, said he was excited to be able to do something in his hometown.

He said he plans to turn the land into a paid parking lot.

The lot sits on the edge of downtown Fulton and across the street from a condominium that was created from the former Woolworth’s building.

The city has struggled with the parking issue this summer as a downtown restaurant owner asked the city to convert a city lot to two-hour parking only, claiming that employees of nearby businesses were abusing the all-day parking spaces in the lot and driving customers away from his business.