Fulton Family YMCA Offers “Cash For Chunkers” Program

FULTON – Do you need a jump start with a weight loss program? Do you need help trying to figure out an exercise program? Do you need someone to help get you started? Well, the Fulton Family YMCA is here to help. Beginning on Wednesday, September 30th at 6:00pm, the Fulton YMCA will be offering a “Cash for Chunkers” weight loss program. (No actual cash given for weight loss, but YMCA Bucks will be given.)

This 10 week program will meet every Wednesday at the Fulton Family YMCA from 6:00pm until 7:00pm. It will help educate participants on proper nutrition and exercise. An individual exercise program will be given, which will include cardio and weight training, based on the individual’s goals and abilities. Private weigh-ins and measurements will be done on each program participant and we will also be holding a contest for the most BMI lost. (Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight).

Guest speakers from the local community will be on hand each week to talk about different ways to implement exercise and healthier eating habits into your daily routine. We will be starting this class off with Rodney Wallace, an Investment Advisor, who started a weight loss program in 2007. Rodney, being 56 years old weighed in at 305 pounds when he came to the Fulton Family YMCA. Within 9 weeks of his training Rodney lost 14 inches from his abdomen, waist and hips through proper nutrition and exercise. He then participated in a weight loss challenge and within 13 weeks he lost another 20 pounds. Rodney was also a diabetic and through eating smaller portions and eliminating a lot of the sugars and white flours from his diet, his goal to lose weight happened right along with eliminating his diabetic medication. Rodney is now weighing in less than 220 pounds, continues his exercise program regularly and now wants to share his success with you.

Learn how to monitor and develop healthy eating habits by joining today. There is a fee so please contact the Fulton Family YMCA at 598-9622 to sign up for this new exciting program.