Fulton Family YMCA Teaches Confidence and Safety in the Water with Swim Lessons

<br />YMCA swim student Harry Chen
YMCA swim student Harry Chen

This summer, as millions of families head to the beach, lake, pool or water park for fun in the sun, the Fulton Family YMCA reminds the community of Fulton of the importance of safety while in the water.

“Swimming has always been part of the Fulton Family YMCA. It’s a great way for families to spend time together and improve their health and wellness,” says Joyce Fisher, Aquatics Director, and Fulton Family YMCA. “But it’s all about safety. Our primary advice to all adults and children is to learn how to swim and to understand the importance of being safe while in the water. It’s never too late.”

Swim lessons are being offered at the Fulton Family YMCA and run in two week sessions. Lessons will be held from Monday through Thursday with the next session beginning on Monday July 13th. Pre-registration is required. Call today to register!

For more information please contact the Fulton Family YMCA at 598-9622.

To learn more or sign up for the Fulton Family YMCA’s swim program, contact the Fulton Family YMCA at 598-9622 or visit www.fultonymca.com for more information.