Fulton Fire Chief Eiffe Announces Retirement

Man in fire department uniform
Photo provided by David Eiffe

FULTON – After 30 years of fire service, Fulton Fire Department Chief David Eiffe has announced that he will retire by the end of the year. 

He began his career at the Fulton Fire Department in 1999 as a firefighter, became a lieutenant in 2007, captain in 2012, assistant chief in 2015 and then chief in 2017.

“My father was a volunteer firefighter and as a kid, I grew up around the fire department, fire trucks and fire service, and so it was kind of always what I wanted to do,” Eiffe said.

Eiffe said achieving his goal of becoming chief a few years ago enabled him to affect some change in the department, which began in 1902. These changes included becoming more involved in the community and being more fiscally responsible to the taxpayers they serve.

He said since he began, the fire department has more recently become customer-service oriented in its operations. 

“I guess you’re unlucky if you have to deal with us in some respects. Most people only get to interact with their fire department when they call 911,” Eiffe said. “I think the biggest change that I’ve been able to bring about is that our department and the community is able to interact with each other outside of having an emergency, and that’s something I’m definitely proud of.”

Eiffe said in his experience, if someone chooses a career in public service and safety, they are a person who likes to give and to help others. He said he has seen this in the 30 years he has been involved with fire service and through his father’s involvement before him. 

He said that cannot be taught, but must be discovered from within to drive someone to help others and make situations better.

“By being involved and relevant and educated and well-trained, I hope that’s what the department continues to do with all of our people here,” Eiffe said. “We’ve got a really professional, well-trained fire department and that’s a lot to be proud of as you live and work in the city of Fulton.” 

Eiffe said following his retirement, he hopes the fire department continues to progress in their involvement in the community, further increasing their value to Fulton.

A new chief has not been chosen yet, but Eiffe said the options of qualified people within the fire department are being reviewed now.

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