Fulton Fire Chief Offers Winter Safety Suggestions

Fulton firefighters digging out a fire hydrant.

FULTON, NY – As we slowly transition into the winter of 2017/2018, Fulton Fire Chief David Eiffe would like to take a minute to offer the following tips and safety suggestions:

Please remember, it is very important to have the proper smoke and carbon monoxide detection equipment installed properly in your homes.

The winter months means usage of portable heaters, heating appliances, fire places and stoves as a means for heat.

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is a byproduct of malfunctioning heating appliances.

Without a proper detector in your home, the results can be deadly.

We encourage everyone to have a carbon monoxide detector installed on every floor of your home.

Please remember to test your smoke detectors, change the batteries regularly and practice an escape plan with your families.

The winter months in Upstate NY means lots of the white stuff!

We would kindly remind all or our city residents that seconds count and a clean and clear fire hydrant helps us be as speedy as possible.

We are encouraging those of you who live near a hydrant to adopt it for the winter and keep it clear of snow and drifts.

While we do monitor all the hydrants in the city and do snow removal on a frequent basis throughout the winter months, any assistance with keeping them clean and clear is very much appreciated!

Surely being neighborly to those such as the elderly or handicapped and assisting with their nearby hydrant is an honorable act as well.

Thank you in advance!