Fulton Five Minutes with Mayor Woodward, June 2018

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  1. Towpath Towers is going to continue as a polling place. It has never been considered for not voting there.
    I am fighting for returning the polling place to the center of the City. I am working with the City and the Board of Elections to find a new voting location that is most accessible to the most voters for the East side of our City.
    I am looking at the Municipal Building, Churches, and other locations toward the center of our City as a new voting location.
    Nothing is more important to me, to our Democratic Process, than to have eligible voters actually vote. And having local, accessible polling places is vital to voting.
    I am fighting to bring our East Side voting location back to Fulton; back to our Center City for access to all voters.

  2. So glad so many new businesses and new projects are happening in Fulton!
    We are working hard to advance and improve our City!

  3. No one is suggesting closing the Municipal Building should we choose it for a voting location. We do not close the Municipal Building for Court, which takes up more parking spaces during the short time the court is open than voting would over a long 15 hour day. To even suggest closing the offices in order to vote is ludicrous.

  4. At 11:30 this morning, 6/15/18, I was headed East on Rte.3 near the side road of where Johnston’s Propane is when getting close to that intersection when a City of Fulton pickup hauling a trailer pulled out in front of me, did Not Stop at the STOP sign. This turned out where he went to the the arena makes a right turn, no turn signal plus the bulb MIGHT Be blown to only having the left side working. The last 4 digits on the trailer were …4398.
    Might instruct the ones who get to drive a City vehicle to pay attention to road signs not the speed by cutting someone off, just to go 1000 feet, plus check their tail lights on All Vehicles.

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