Fulton Gets Green Light For First Splash Park

Friends of Fulton Parks photo

FULTON, NY – The Oswego County Health Department has granted the city of Fulton with a final green light to install the city’s first splash park.

Spearheaded by Common Council president representing the Third Ward, Donald Patrick Jr., plans have been under way throughout the year to bring a concrete pad sprinkler system to the city for kids to cool off in summer.

Last year, city officials budgeted $45,000 to construct the splash park. To date, the materials have been purchased with just cement for construction and fencing left to be purchased with enough funds left to cover the cost associated.

Due to incoming winter weather, Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. said construction will begin in the spring.

In initial purchases, the city paid for plans for plumbing and Woodward said the construction process should move quickly once its begun.

The 40×40 concrete pad will have a sensor activated sprinkler system.

Due to the financial stress of running a city-owned pool, Woodward and Patrick both said a splash park is a more cost-effective and accessible means to cool off in the summer.

A city pool cost $60,000 annually to maintain, whereas a splash park requires a one-time $45,000 expenditure for construction.

Additionally, a splash park is handicap accessible and user friendly for all ages.

The splash park will be built at Hulett Park located on Division Street between South Sixth and Seventh streets.

“Right now, we can’t use the lake to for swimming and recreation and we can’t afford a city pool. This is a good alternative for young people to cool off in the summer. Splash parks are a new trend across the state, they’re becoming popular because of cost,” Mayor Woodward said.

Woodward anticipates the splash park will be ready for use by summer of 2019.


  1. If you can get a grant to build a staircase,why not get a grant for pool. The mayor of Oswego knows how to get grant’s and does amazing things with the money. We really did some young blood in Fulton to vision our future.

  2. Great job city of no future,I am still laughing at a staircase is being built…DO WHAT,,,,..has any one thought of how many veterans can actually make that climb down and then how are they brought back up ,maybe a tow rope like used in the ski slopes,and HOW much money was GRANTED for this project,hmm….I can build a house for that kind of money,,, BETTER YET,why doesn’t the city look at the GUITARS FOR VETS,which is an awesome program for us ,that would take out our aggravated thoughts on, lets not forget what each and everyone of us veterans have gone and continue to do each day,if not for our family and friends,we all have issues…our families deal with it every day..a staircase to surely not heaven if it’s being built behind the police department ,,,is that so they can catch a few older veterans thatau use it to escape,smoke a lefty and come back from the riggers of war,don’t worry about those kids stealing our stuff we worked hard to get,,so they can get high on Molly and herion…still trying to get a handle on what’s going on in that city of Mayberry,I don’t like the rebel flags here but I hang my marine Corp flag and my red white and blue proudly…when I’m asked where I’m from I tell them Cornwall ont.. never do I say n.y.or let alone mention Mayberry ny…God bless the ones that left there..and the ones left, will the last one out,shut the lights off…

  3. Yes add a splash pad to the already crowded park … Add that play area over by the dirty lake … Let’s not utilize the park by the tennis courts that has far more room and isn’t surrounded by 3 streets … We need younger people in charge …

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