Fulton GOP Vice-Chair Marc Holliday Meets President Trump

UTICA, NY – On Monday, (August 12) city of Fulton GOP Vice-Chairman Marc Holliday met with President Donald J. Trump at the private fundraiser for Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney.

Holliday received an invitation to attend this very private event last week.

He was one of only two hundred people to receive this very distinct honor to attend such a prestigious event.

Holliday said, “I was extremely honored and humbled to receive such an invitation to meet the President of the United States. I invited both my father-in-law Kwang Pai and my Uncle-in-law Thomas Pai to join me. Unfortunately, my father-in-law couldn’t make it due to prior business obligations, however my Uncle Tom did come. Their story is truly a rags to riches American dream story. My in-laws legally came to America from South Korea in 1975 when they were in their teens. They learned the language, assimilated, and became proud American citizens. They were poor and struggling when they came to America and through determination and hard work they became entrepreneurs. They are both Grand Masters 8th degree black belts in Taekwondo and between the Pai families they own seven Pai’s Taekwondo Academies throughout the Clifton Park, Schenectady, and Saratoga area. I couldn’t think of a better way to honor and reward my wife’s family for their accomplishments than to bring them to meet President Trump and Congresswoman Tenney.”

The private event was held at the Hotel Utica. The president first went to Fort Drum in Watertown to watch military exercises held by the 10th Mountain Division and to sign the latest defense spending bill which increases troops pay among other things.

President Trump then departed Fort Drum via Air Force One and landed at the former Griffiss Air Force base in Rome. The President’s motorcade then proceeded from Rome to Utica arriving around 4:30 p.m for the private fundraiser.

The event for 200 was quickly oversold and had around 400 supporters in attendance.

“I have known Claudia (Tenney) for some time because I am originally from Oneida. Being involved with the Oswego County GOP committee has allowed me the opportunity to reconnect with her again,” Holliday said. “I absolutely love Claudia and Trump, both are straight shooters, they always try to do what is right, they say it the way it is, and they fight for the people. Those qualities are rare now a days in politics and America needs more leaders like them. ”

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  1. If he is so tight with her, why no pictures with her or with the President? Nobody wants to get to close to him(Holliday), they may know his real name. Also they may be aware of his famous rants on FB. Also no big deal getting an invite, all GOP leaders got one. Only a few want to align themselves with Trump or Tenney.

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