Fulton High School Class Of 1953 To Celebrate 65th

FULTON – Members of the Fulton High School class of 1953 will gather July 18 to celebrate the 65th anniversary of their graduation.

The reunion will be held at the Tavern on the Lock, South First Street, Fulton, beginning at 3 o’clock with appetizers and a cash bar.

A buffet dinner is scheduled for 5 p.m.

Casual attire is noted.

Gordon Chalone is receiving reservations from classmates and checks for the dinner including tax and tip ($22 per person).

Fliers announcing the reunion were mailed out Monday, according to Jim Jones.

Jones was instrumental in pulling together a reunion at this 11th hour.

“I think it will be great fun to get together, share fond memories from our school days and just have a good time,” he said.

He asks that any members of the Class of 1953 that wish to come, need to pass on updated contact information or who have questions, call him at 239-293-6277 or Rene Ellis Hewitt at 315-593-3984.

Others helping to pull together this reunion include Sheila Osborne Hayden, Marian Murphy Stanton and Barbara Bartholomew.