Fulton Honors Board of Education and District Principals

Superintendent of Schools, Brian Pulvino reads aloud a proclamation declaring October 24 - 28 as School Board Recognition Week.

FULTON, NY – The Fulton Board of Education was honored during School Board Recognition Week which is observed each year by more than 700 school districts throughout New York State, according to a resolution passed at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

Superintendent of Schools Brian Pulvino and other district employees took the opportunity to recognize Fulton City School District’s seven board of education members in honor of School Board Recognition Week lasting from October 24 – 28.

Superintendent of Schools, Brian Pulvino reads aloud a proclamation declaring October 24 - 28 as School Board Recognition Week.
Superintendent of Schools, Brian Pulvino reads aloud a proclamation declaring October 24 – 28 as School Board Recognition Week.

Board president David Cordone; vice president Dan Pawlewicz; board clerk Barbara Hubbard; and board members Robert Briggs, Tim Crandell, Paula Hayden and Lynn Lyons were all honored at the meeting.

Board members received a fruit basket prepared by Terry Warwick, the district’s director of food services as well as a copy of the resolution that was read aloud by Superintendent Pulvino.

“Thank you for everything that you do,” Superintendent Pulvino said to the board members. “A piece of paper, a basket of fruit, doesn’t demonstrate enough how much we appreciate the work that you do. I thank you again for the opportunity to serve as the superintendent here and I look forward to working with you and this entire district to make a difference for our kids.”

A portion of the resolution read, “Whereas, members of local school boards are dedicated to children, learning, and community, and devote many hours of service to elementary and secondary public education as they continually strive for improvement, excellence, and progress in education, recognizing that all children can be successful learners, especially when education is tailored to the individual needs of the child;

David Cordone, current board president having served on the board for 12 total non-consecutive years, said he has a great passion in serving the Fulton City School District through the board of education.

“I’m a career educator, its what I do in my day to day life so I like to give back some professional expertise. In my fifth year as president for the board, having served as vice president before that, I can tell you it’s good to be appreciated and to really feel appreciated especially for the work we do when we can get a mix of sometimes community support and sometimes not,” he said.

One thing rings true for all Fulton board members, Cordone said, it’s all for the kids throughout the district.

“We are always in it for the kids, that’s what it boils down to and we all share that on this board. We aren’t compensated for doing this at all and it can be very time consuming, but when you are passionate about it, we can do a lot of good for our kids,” he added.

While the vast appreciation for the board of education was being acknowledged, Superintendent Pulvino took a moment to also recognize another group of professionals within the district.

“A district is only as good as all the parts working together, and this month happens to be National Principals Month. Principals sure have a special role in our schools. I’ve sat in that chair and it is a very powerful chair, you have such an impact on kids and adults in our community,” Pulvino said.

Principals in attendance, Jeff Hendrickson from Lanigan Elementary and Heather Perry from Granby Elementary were given a copy of the resolution after being read aloud by Superintendent Pulvino.

A portion of the resolution read, “Whereas, school principals provide high-quality learning opportunities for students; leadership for their school and communities; and exemplary contributions to their professions; and Whereas, the vision, actions, and dedication of principals provide a mobilizing force behind school success and continuous improvement; and, Whereas, the celebration of Principals Month honors elementary school, middle school, and high school principals in ensuring that every child has access to a high-quality education;”

“Again, a piece of paper doesn’t do enough justice for what you do for us,” Pulvino said.

Board member Paula Hayden said, “In recognition of principals this month, I’d like to thank all of our principals for all their hard work daily, whether it’s the data that they’re providing, the de-escalation of a student in the hallway or just a simple hello in the morning to make that student’s day, thank you.”

Board clerk Barbara Hubbard shared a similar message, “I also want to thank our principals. I’ve walked in your shoes, you have a very significant impact on your students, your staff members, and their families. Thank you for doing that, and for being the leaders for our kids. You make a significant impact on them and I’m glad we have the team that we do, so thank you.”

The board of education unanimously passed both resolutions proclaiming October 24 – 28 as School Board Recognition Week as well as recognizing the month of October as National Principals Month in the Fulton City School District.