Fulton Junior High School Commencement Ceremony

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Parents, family, friends, and community members filled the Fulton Community Center last week for the Fulton Junior High School Eighth Grade Commencement Ceremony. The ceremony recognized over 300 students for their scholastic efforts and accomplishments and marks the transition to the next level of their education.

In her address to the class, Fulton Junior High Principal Donna Parkhurst thanked the students for their hard work and encouraged them to never stop learning and making responsible choices. She reminded the students of all the learning experiences they’ve had and memories they’ve made in their last two years at the Junior High School. She spoke about their bright and promising futures saying, “You will get out of life what you put into it.”

Following her address, Parkhurst was joined by Vice Principal Geri Geitner, Administrative Intern Heather Perry, and Guidance Counselor Kelly Rickert for the presentation of awards portion of the ceremony. Over 200 awards were presented to students excelling in English, math, science, social students, band, chorus, and foreign language studies. Most improved students, student athletes, and those exemplifying school spirit and leadership were also recognized. In addition, the President’s Education Award, Triple “C”, and Comptroller’s Award were also presented.

The President’s Education Award is given out yearly to those students who demonstrate a strong commitment to academic excellence. In a letter from President Bush, he thanks the recipients for their determination and encourages them to use their knowledge, follow their dreams, and achieve greatness. The following students received the award: Christopher Abbott, Nicholas Abelgore, Bernice Bartlett, Jeanette Bartlett, Alex Bateman, Michaela Best, Daniel Bolster, Madeline Clark, Ryan Crofoot, Nathan Deavers, Neil Devendorf, Alana DeVaul, Kayla Distin, Lindsey Dopp, Hannah Dunsmoor, Emily Ervin, Sara Erwin, Sean Fink, Morgan Firenze, Casey Fraser, Alyssa Fruce, Jessica Futrell, Brian Garrett, Andrea Gould, Rachel Guernsey, Nathan Hackett, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ticia Hayden, Nathan Hudson, Elizabeth Hursh, Erika Johnson, Morgan Knight, Lyndsey Ladd, Dallaslyn Lamb, Lindsey Larkin, Caitlin LaVoie, Sierra Maher, Kassandra McCann, Anna McKay, Carson Metcalf, Zachary Mizener, Eric Naioti, Shaun O’Connor, Ashlynn Palmitesso, Darlene Pappalardo, Morgan Parkhurst, Jaclyn Reil, Jordan Rizzo, Haley Shatrau, Danielle Stone, Patrick Sullivan, Daniel Summerville, Joseph Sutton, Amanda Tetro, Russell Thomas, Anthony Torrese, Daniel Wahl, Ashley Woodcock, and Jennifer Woodruff.

The Triple “C” Award was presented to two students for demonstrating excellent character, courage and commitment to their education. The recipients were Madeline Clark and Emily Ervin.

The Comptroller’s Award was present to Nathaniel Hawthorne for his leadership potential and commitment to public service.

</p>Pictured above is Nathaniel Hawthorne with his mother (Lucy), father (Dennis), and sister (Kate). Hawthorne received the Comptroller’s Award for his leadership potential and commitment to public service.

Following the presentation of awards, students confirmed their promotion with the traditional walk across the stage where they were presented with certificates of completion.