Fulton Lawmakers Tackle Phillips St. Bridge Repair, Under State Pressure

Fulton Common Councilors handled a host of items at their most recent meeting.


  • Advertised for bids for an engineering study of rebuilding the dilapidated Philips St. bridge. Mayor Ron Woodward said, “the state has red-flagged (the bridge) and if we don’t act on it, they’re going to shut it down.” He said there will be high-priority federal aid to fix the bridge, but the study is required.
  • Advertised for bids for a belt filter press for the city’s wastewater treatment plant. The plant is under federal order to improve its filtering quality. The press presses water out of sludge. It reduces the cost to the city of dumping sludge at the landfill. The press has to be installed before a larger piece of equipment can be replaced.
  • Advertised for bids for a pumper truck for the fire department. The city will use a federal $377,000 grant to help pay for it. The current pumper has deteriorated to the point where it is “pretty much out of service,” said Woodward.
  • Granted a right of encroachment onto city property to Theodore Stuber, who is buying the home at 601 W. Broadway. The property sits at the corner of Broadway and William Gillard Drive. The house and garage extend onto city property. The right extends only to Stuber, but the city says the encroachment causes no problems and has existed for years.
  • Agreed to spend $1,650 to put a drop ceiling into the Fulton Tourism Center building at Bullhead Point park. The current 15-foot ceiling makes it “impossible to heat or cool that building,” Woodward said. Longtime Fulton restaurant Mr. Mike’s moved into the building this year.

The Council also acted on a host of appointments and reappointments:

  • Rose Kemmis, Rebecca Devendorf and Rosemary Occhino to the Fulton Library Board. Occhino is new to the board.
  • Mike Malash, Deanna Michaels and Mylan Hubbard to the Fulton Planning Commission.
  • Rick Kersey to the Fulton Electrical Board. He’s new to the board.

Councilors also received a required conflict-of-interest letter from John McGraw, a city firefighter and owner of Uniforms, Etc. The letter is necessary when a city employee intends to do business with the city.

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  1. What’s going on with Fulton City roads? It seems that there are more potholes which are getting deeper. Maybe we should go back to brick streets. Something should be done before someone gets hurt swerving around those craters.

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