Fulton Leaders Plan Food Truck Workshop

FULTON, NY – City leaders have scheduled a legislative workshop for next week to discuss the hotly debated issue of food truck vendors at Bull Head Point.

The topic brushed up recently when one local business owner address the council requesting a review of the current vendor permit process and costs.

Lakeview Lanes owner Mike Tryninski addressed the Fulton Common Council during its first meeting in September and asked councilors to review his costs for property taxes relative to the permit fees charged the food truck vendors.

Tryninski, who pays approximately $32,000 a year in property taxes, said, “It seems that all the vendors at Bull Head Point pay no taxes. They pay a $750 permit fee for the year, and can stay there and compete against businesses that actually pay taxes and contribute to the city.”

After the meeting, Oswego County Today interviewed Shannon’s Hot Dogs truck vendor Crystal English and Dingles Ice Cream co-owner Paul Cooper, neither of whom were present during the council session.

English said she would be happy to see the permits reviewed, adding, “If they do plan to increase the fee we want it to be for the correct reasons and not influenced by outside businesses. I would like any increase to be fair.”

She noted that factoring the amount of space she uses, the length of time she actually occupies the location, the current assessed value of Bull Head Point and current tax rates, at $750 the permit fee she already pays actually costs more than a property tax based fee.

The community chimed in on that story with comments running the gamut of supportive or critical to each business, sarcastic, cynical and further questioning.

Mary said, in part: I think it’s wonderful to see the Bullhead Point area being used and enjoyed finally, whether it be a vendor or a concert, etc. The people are going to go where they want and base their choices on what they are given.

Kelly noted: Love how lakeview lanes wants to complain about competition when they decided to build an ice cream shop right next to Sweet Inspirations.

And from Janice Hennessey: Maybe we should concentrate on the fact that we need sustainable employment in the area. Or, all the kids that need help reading and having decent meals available. How about the number of pizza places and hairdressers that seem to be cropping up on every corner. There are 11 houses for sale, and 2 empty houses from Broadway to 176 on SR48, the same in the other direction. Everybody has favorites for different reasons, in our climate, having a welcoming spot to get a bite, and sit under the Pavilion, can only be a positive point for Fulton and the renewed Lake.

One commenter called for more vendors at the lakeside spot while another asked they be moved to an area away from the lakeshore that allows park patrons to enjoy an unobstructed view of Lake Neatahwanta.

The city clerk’s office noted that next Monday’s meeting is a workshop session of the Common Council; and there will be no public comments or questions entertained by the mayor and councilors.

The agenda includes a review of the current law, hours of operation and time line of permit.

Councilors will discuss the vendors’ need for electricity, location of trucks and road front signage.

City leaders will also consider whether there should be a grandfather clause for existing vendors.

The meeting will be held Monday, Oct. 6 in the Council Chambers and is slated to begin at 6 p.m.


  1. I have to agree that the man built his place right by another ice cream place to make more of a living so why should he complain about little mobile places making a living? … I guess I am just thinking there are far more important things to worry about … If he is complaining about his taxes then maybe instead of throwing another business under the bus he might question the city on who pays the taxes on the properties that are city owned and rented out …

  2. I have to agree with Crystal on her point . Mike maintains a permanent location for his businesses. He owns Lakeview Lanes, the Putt Putt and ice cream stand and Flamingo Lanes in Liverpool. Of course his tax burden is high. Crystal takes her hot dog stand home every night after 5 pm. She takes the winter months off. That is when Mike is bringing in the much bigger bucks with his bowling leagues being in full swing. Not to mention all the money he takes in from the bars. I am sure that if Mike’s operated on a 16’x8′ piece of land his property taxes would be much lower. :)

  3. I absolutely do not understand the owners of they other two businesses. It’s ok to build an cream place right next to a long standing ice-cream business. It also ok to start serving breakfast between two other breakfast houses.
    It looks more like they are whining because some one beat them to a smart business decision.
    The idea of a small business succeeding next to them is the complaint???? When did they get to pick what businesses are aloud in the city???? I would hope the counsel does their job and put a fair end to this and remind those bussinesses who runs the city!!! I think they should spend more time doing every thing they can to improve the services they provide rather than try to attack other businesses.

    I personally will not patronize a business that seems to represent its self as non-community friendly. I’d say that it represents a very POOOR image!!

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