Fulton Little League Throws Opening Pitch

Players proudly salute with a twirl of their hat while standing on John Florek Field during opening day of the 2016 Little League season.

FULTON, NY – Fulton Little League recently held an opening day ceremony to officially welcome the youth’s baseball and softball season.

On a warm, sunny Saturday (April 30) Fulton Little League participants all gathered on the first and third base lines of John Florek Field at Kiwanis Ball Park, anxiously awaiting the official opening of the 2016 season.

With 300 participants this year, players ranging from ages 3-12 for different leagues including T-ball, coach pitch, minors and majors baseball and softball marched on the field in their colorful new uniforms.

After each team was announced and players waved their hats in recognition, Little League Vice President Dave Webber; Little League President, John Florek; Softball Coordinator, Dan Case and Mayor of Fulton Ronald Woodward Sr. delivered the season’s opening remarks.

Webber, Little League Vice President and coordinator of t-ball and minors baseball, thanked the numerous people and organizations that make Little League possible for the city including all of the business sponsorship’s represented on each team’s uniform and emphasized the importance of utilizing the clinics that are made available for players.

“We’ve had good cooperation with sponsorship’s, but we are always trying to recruit more people to coach. Since these are all volunteer positions, it seems few people actually want to get involved when the time comes,” President, Florek told Oswego County Today.

Florek also thanked Kiwanis Park during opening ceremonies for the continued teamwork that allows Little League to utilize the Kiwanis owned ball fields throughout the season.

He pointed out the improvements that continue to happen around the park and specifically noted the new scoreboard on the softball field and the new black softball pants for all girls on softball teams.

“These are direct results of the donations sent to the softball division of Fulton Little League by request of Mike Mulcahey’s obituary,” said Florek.

Mulcahey, one of the founders of the little league girls’ softball division that remained an active part of the program for many years, passed away in November of 2014.

Starting last year and continuing through this year and into the future, the softball field at Kiwanis was officially renamed ‘Mike Mulcahey Field’ as Florek pointed out the center field sign that dedicates the season to Mulcahey.

Florek continued to point out that out of 28 Little League programs in District 8, Fulton has the lowest registration cost and that he is pleased to help provide these opportunities to the youth of Fulton and that such opportunities are so well received.

Mayor Woodward followed up with his appreciation for all those who make Little League possible for the city’s young people.

“A community is gauged by the hearts of the people who support their youth,” said Woodward, personally offering a thank you to everyone involved with Fulton Little League.

Woodward helped draw the three names to win $100 prizes from the raffle in which each participant was able to sell tickets prior to opening day.

Florek then announced who would be making the first pitch to officially welcome the season.

“A person that does an awful lot for the organization. A person who, without him these past couple years, Fulton Little League would not have been the same. That person is our Little League Vice President, Dave Webber,” said Florek.

Dancing his way to the mound, Webber threw the first pitch to one of the minors baseball player’s from the team that he coaches.

“And with that, let’s play ball!” said Florek, but not before he added one final reminder.

“I’d just like for everyone to keep in mind, and this is directed more toward the adults – coaches and parents, that the baseball games here are for the kids, not the parents. Sometimes the adults can get too wrapped up in things, so I ask them to please just remember that this is for the kids to have fun and learn the game. Otherwise, I look forward to a good season here, as always!”

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  1. Kiwanis Baseball one of Fulton’s greatest legacy’s IMO Ralph Abbot and Len Earle Sr should be honored in some lasting memorial on those fields

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