Fulton Looking at Less Expensive Ways to Replace Failing Fire Trucks

Fulton city leaders hope a Herkimer County community can help them replace fire trucks without having to buy more expensive new vehicles.

Mayor Ron Woodward said the city has its eye on a used pumper truck with a 75 foot ladder being sold by the town of Frankfort in Herkimer County.

“It’s in pretty good shape.  It’s not gonna last forever.  It’s a stop-gap measure,” said Woodward.  The city can’t afford to buy new vehicles, which would last longer, because of its tight budget.  The recently approved city budget contains no money for new equipment purchases.

Some of the city’s fire trucks are not up to standards, Woodward said, noting that the ladder on one truck can’t be used.

The city does not have many tall structures that would require long ladders, but the ones they do have tend to be senior citizen living centers such as Towpath Towers and the Fulton Mill Apartments.

Woodward said Frankfort appears willing to sell the vehicle under an agreement where the city will make payments instead of having to pay for the vehicle up front.

He said city officials will travel to Frankfort this week to inspect a second vehicle, a pumper with a 100 foot ladder.

If the fire department and city officials agree that the two vehicles should be purchased, Woodward said the Common Council would hold a special meeting to approve the purchase agreement rather than waiting for its next regular meeting.


  1. Keep up the good work.
    Quality used is a great find.
    We appreciate your effort to
    meet the city’s needs at
    a reasonable cost.

  2. What a fiasco. If the City Fathers and Fire Dept Leadership had bothered to spend a few thousand dollars each year for correct maintenace and upkeep, they wouldn’t be in this mess. Now they want to replace their “junk” with new “junk” from another city. Unbelievable. Typical Fulton thinking that hasn’t changed over the years.

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