Fulton Looks to Annex North Bay Campground Into City Limits

A sign advises drivers to drive slowly at North Bay Campground.

A sign advises drivers to drive slowly at North Bay Campground.

FULTON, NY – The Granby Town Board has unanimously passed a resolution to annex the North Bay Campground into the City of Fulton.

Granby Town Supervisor John Snow said Fulton city officials plan to make renovations to the property that will be easier to fund and implement if the campground is within city limits.

“We understand that the City intends to develop the campground and run water and sewer lines to the property which will help the surrounding environment. Without the property being within the City boundaries, the Town would have to start a capital project to form a water district using Granby resources to fund the engineering and planning. The City is unable to apply for grant opportunities from NYS Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation without the property being in the City limits,” Snow said.

Ultimately, the main goal lies in improving North Bay for residents and campers near and far.

“An improved North Bay means more people will be visiting the area with the possibility of them being patrons of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues in the Town,” Snow said.

The City of Fulton has owned North Bay Campground for 50 years, however, the property has always been located within the Town of Granby.

The City of Fulton has paid combined taxes to the Town of Granby as long as the city has owned the campground.

With this agreed annexation, there will be no payment required to change city lines considering the property is contiguous to the city, Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr. said.

“We’re saving money by annexing, but more importantly we are saving future money because we want to make upgrades there,” Woodward said.

Intended upgrades like adding cabins, more campsites, and water and sewer lines, all of which would get taxed if the property was not in the City of Fulton.

“That cost would have to be passed onto someone and it would be passed onto the campers. That’s not what we want, we want families to be able to have affordable camping right here in the city,” he said.

The annexation would include more than 30 acres of marshland that will be also annexed into the city of Fulton.

Woodward has future plans to create a boardwalk through the area similar to Beaver Lake Nature Center in Onondaga County to preserve the area’s nature and wildlife.

The Fulton Common Council is set to vote on a resolution to approve the annexation at the next regular meeting in February.

“I think this will allow us to enhance recreational activities at North Bay which will be good for Fulton and surrounding residents and it will make it more affordable to do it,” Woodward said.


  1. I think Supervisor Snow and the Granby Coucil should be commended for this decision. For years it seems that the city and adjoining townships have fought over land leading to lengthy and expensive court battles. The enhancement of North Bay is good for Fulton and the entire area, including Granby.

  2. !st thing should be the dump station– its downhill and you can never empty your tanks completely. We quit going because of that — and used to go 8 times a year there

  3. Many thanks and kudos to the Town of Granby for working with the city in the best interests of our joint community. I don’t think Fulton could possibly ask for a better neighbor!

  4. I think they should not allow seasonal “campers” and permanent structures.
    People are living there in the park – not camping.
    The area should be left natural. It only has looked worse over the years with people moving into their summer homes, and calling it a campground.
    Leave one thing in Fulton alone. We have destroyed enough in this town.
    This is quite a future we made for ourselves.

  5. Are you kidding me mr.mayor…you are the same man that told us seasonal campers two years ago when you raised the seasonal rate and did nothing for our money…let me tell you what you said word for word…IF I WANTED TO GO GLAMPING AND YOU SAID IT ..I WOULD PUT A TENT UP IN MY LIVING ROOM…its time to go mayor…you have had enough pats on the back…and the city is nothing but trash…i cant believe you can even talk about that cess pool campground…where if you aint in the CLICK you dont belong..and im so glad you took another pat by bringing taco bell here…you didnt do nothing it was the corporation that decided to build here nothing to do with the city polliticians…but you keep up the good job that your doing..it wont be long till the only thing left is you…

  6. It may save the City of Fulton from paying taxes….BUT….everyone else will have to make up the difference in school, town, county, highway, fire and community college taxes.

  7. When and how and why,I can’t get a handle on why a city is in the business of owning and running a campground,it’s a can of worms that’s going to stink in just a few years, explain how you are going to put sewer lines in,it’s a former DUMP SITE,before you do that ,step very lightly, because now everyone knows it was a dump site,have you ever heard of WIFI, remember me asking you mr.mayor,I think the people of Fulton had better really look at this issue..how and why would you charge a city tax payer money to park and fish and to launch a boat there? I’m calling you out mayor.now let’s see folks how he handles the truth..I’m sure it will be a cover up somewhere,build a stair case at veterans Park when I’ll just drive down there,then spend 15000 to do a study of the Nestle’s site,FOR WHAT,TO SAY YUP ITS A VACANT PROPERTY AND SOMEONE CAN BUILD THERE,I can’t seem to find where you are coming from…WAKE UP FULTON,they are spending our money very foolishly.then they say we have no money..B.S. quit spending our money on stuff nobody wants or cares about,do something constructive for the people,not like it use to be in the city of Mayberry,I get that the times change,but come on,your doing stuff nobody cares about…

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