Fulton LPC Approaches Project Decision Deadline

Six people sit in a row
Linda Eagan (middle) gives an update on group one. Photo by: Kassadee Paulo

FULTON – The Local Planning Committee for the Downtown Revitalization Initiative met yesterday, Jan. 23, to begin discussions on deciding which of the proposed projects to recommend the state choose to include in the $10 million grant.

Firstly, the LPC members disclosed if they had any conflicts of interest regarding one or more of the projects and recused themselves from being involved in the discussion for those projects.

Sarah Oral, part of the Cameron Engineering consultant team, revealed the results of when the public voted for their favorite projects during the most recent public input session

Rather than give the specific number of votes for each project, they were ranked in five categories from highest number of votes to least votes. 

The projects with the most votes were (alphabetical order):

  • 533 S. 4th St. (Building 30 on the old Nestle site)
  • Waterfront Marina
  • Cayuga Street Cafe
  • Fulton Public Library renovations
  • Indoors sports complex

The projects in the category with the least number of votes were (alphabetical order):

  • Behavioral Urgent Care
  • Eastern Shore Insurance 
  • Fort Frisbee
  • Fulton Family Medicine renovations 
  • Fulton Historical District downtown marketing
  • Gosch Electric
  • Zoning Changes

“There are two projects that are in the lowest category that you may find more important than the public did because they aren’t ‘exciting’ projects, but they’re procedural,” Oral said. 

She said the zoning changes would help support future development in the area and although the downtown marketing is not a tangible project, it could help bring more people in to the city. 

Oral said there are about two dozen factors to consider when deciding which projects to recommend, one of those being public input. She said even in a project is not in the category with the most votes does not mean it is not deemed worthy of funding.

“How you weigh it is up to you and your work group,” Oral said. 

The four work groups, which include two groups to evaluate the private projects, one group for non-profit projects and one for municipal projects, gave an update on their evaluations of the projects assigned to their groups. 

Group one’s projects include:

  • 310-312 Division St.
  • Blue Moon Grill
  • Empire Drone Company
  • Eastern Shore Insurance
  • Fast casual restaurant
  • Fort Frisbee
  • Fulton Family Medicine
  • Gateway Square
  • Mama Gina’s
  • Red Baron Pizza
  • Tavern on the Lock

Linda Eagan said her group was impressed with the quality of the proposed projects. She said the group needs more information on four projects before making a recommendation for them, they are ready to recommend five projects right now, and there are two projects they think have other funding sources that would be a better fit.

Group two’s projects include:

  • 533 S. 4th St. – Building 30
  • Behavioral Urgent Care
  • Canalview Mall
  • Case Lee House/King’s Road Cafe
  • Cayuga Street Cafe
  • Chocolate Works museum
  • Condo rooftop
  • Dizzy Block Brewing
  • Gosch Electric (which backed out later in the meeting)
  • Huhtamaki
  • Indoor sports complex

David Turner said his group did not have a chance to discuss Building 30. They are ready to recommend five projects now, and need more information for the rest besides one or two to make a decision.

Group three’s projects include:

  • CNY Arts Center
  • Fulton Public Library
  • Oswego County IDA Manufacturing building
  • Oswego Health

Marie Mankiewicz said her group is waiting for questions to be answered. They did find a challenge because the projects asked for more than 20% funding.

Group four’s projects include:

  • Downtown broadband/wifi
  • Multi-use trail system
  • Canalview Marina revitalization
  • Riverside Apartments
  • Former Nestle site
  • Route 481 pedestrian/streetscape
  • Downtown historic district marketing
  • Grant/loan fund
  • Zoning updates
  • Cayuga Street Atrium breezeway

Nancy Fox said there are certain projects that will disappoint the public if not completed, and some projects that are dependent on each other. 

Following the group updates, the LPC members discussed guiding projects toward other grants and funding opportunities they may not be aware of should they not be chosen for DRI funding. 

Later in the meeting Oral gave an overview of the remainder of the DRI process, including the timeline. 

This included that the LPC would need to schedule a time to meet as a whole to decide on a final slate of projects to be voted on during the next LPC meeting Feb. 20 and then present that slate to the public on Mar. 5. 

Members of the LPC inquired if the DRI timeline could be extended by a month, but was told the contract with Cameron Engineering ends in March.

As the meeting ended, the LPC agreed to decide on a revised timeline via survey.

The updated meeting times will be added here when they are released.


  1. Not voting if a conflict of interest was perceived. If your on the committee and you have a project that is asking for DRI money, there already is a conflict. You have influenced the committee with your presents on the committee.I have a very big problem with Mr. Tredwell being a co-chairman of the DRI committee. He is CEO of OOC and receives a pay check from them. They purchased a piece of property at a fraction of the cost that was being asked. OOC is now asking for over 3/4 million of the DRI money to build a manufacturing plant to be used as an incubator facility, that will more than likely lease portions to fledgling companies to get their feet on the ground and running. The leased revenue will go to pay portions of Mr. Tredwells salary. So he will benefit from all of this. Also this property will not be on the tax rolls. So there is more than a perceived conflict of interest. there is one.

  2. Follow the ties and it will most certainly lead back to the same individuals that originally had plans for the money awarded. The same people with an “unknown agenda” Take a moment and link the people together.. you will be amazed. Until next time.. I hope all is well and the future is bright.

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