Fulton Man Charged In Animal Cruelty Case

John P. Fatcheric

John P. Fatcheric

FULTON – On April 23, a witness reported to State Police in Fulton that she was driving on Terry Lane in the town of Granby and observed a man slam a yellow Labrador retriever puppy to the ground.

John P. Fatcheric
John P. Fatcheric

Troopers responded and located the suspect, John P. Fatcheric, 63, and the puppy who was obviously injured and in distress.

The puppy was removed by the town of Granby Animal Control Officer and taken for immediate medical evaluation.

The puppy was found to have a broken femur and signs of strangulation.

She underwent surgery and had a pin placed in her femur to repair the damage.

Fatcheric was charged on May 20, with Aggravated Cruelty to Animals, a class “E” felony.

He is scheduled to appear in the Town of Granby Court on June 13, at 7 p.m.


  1. hopefully he will be held responsible to pay the veterenary bills. That would seem fitting and also a long community service requirement.

  2. Ugh. I want to see him suffer. I agree with E. William and that would be awesome if Jack could adopt and show this beautiful puppy that there is plenty of love to be had…

  3. He should be have to pay all vet bills for this puppy, never be allowed to own another animal and be required to do community service for the next year.

  4. If someone will do that to a puppy they’ll do it to a person, most likely ago a woman or child. Unfortunately they can’t put them away for something they might do or are prone to do. Instead they have to wait until they actually do it. Hopefully that won’t be too late.

  5. Too bad a big German Shepard from the canine unit couldn’t have responded to his arrest. He probably would have cried like a baby being up against a dog that could fight back.

  6. I think some jail time is needed. There are some pretty rough and tough, animal lovers in prison! He should be forced to pay all the vet bills, as well as some, pain and suffering award, to help with his care. Here is where an animal abuse registry, would be very effective. If a person can do this to a helpless puppy, it is quite likely that, a helpless child could be next.

  7. Thank you to the person that took the time to help this little puppy. I will never understand how anyone could abuse an animal. You chose to get a dog. WHY????? If you had no intensions on loving him/her… I agree, if you would do this to a dog, you have deep anger issues and should get them resolved!!!! And never be able to own an animal again! I am hoping justice will be served!

  8. I feel sick just reading this! I can only imagine what else he has done behind closed doors! People like this are capable of so many horrific things, that it’s actually frightening. I hope he receives a harsh punishment!

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