Fulton Mayor Ron Woodward’s Address on the 2010 Budget

2010 Budget Address
December 15, 2009

Members of the Press
Members of the Common Council
Citizens of Fulton

Good Evening Everyone:

Tonight I present the proposed 2010 budget with cautious optimism. The process for the 2011 budget has already begun and it will be challenging but I look forward to working with the Common Council and members of the public to share ideas that will help us through our these difficult times in our City, our State and our Country. We are in it together. When you consider that over the past six years our city has suffered the loss of the Nestle Company, the Fulton Cogeneration Company and the A.L. Lee Memorial Hospital most recently, I feel we are fortunate to have been able to keep taxes as stable as they have been. The Nestle Company contributed 22 million dollars a year to our local economy in payroll alone. On a positive note, we were fortunate to have a local investor convert the former Goldberg building into beautiful spacious Condominiums and retail spaces; Kinney Drugs recently came to our City; Fastrac rebuilt and expanded; McDonalds rebuilt and modernized; a new Duncan Doughnuts was built on the Route 3 Corridor; several new storage building were constructed on West 2nd Street on property that for several years was unusable; Brad Stevens Auto Service is purchasing the former Public Works Administration building on North Fourth and Ontario Street and moving his business to our City; and although somewhat controversial, the new Family Video Store located on the site of the former Congregational Church.

There were three new homes constructed in the last two years. Our Community Development Agency restored and sold four homes this year and the city restored and sold two homes this year and is presently working on four more. Next year will see the first four single-family homes built on the former Phillip Street School site which will eventually have eight new homes when completed.

The 2010 budget proposal has no tax increase. It does provide for more new sidewalks in the neighborhoods and also funds $78,000 worth of state mandated equipment for our Fire Department as well as providing the $410,000 increase required by the New York State Retirement System. This increase will repeat itself for the 2011 budget totaling $820,000 in the next two years and remaining from there forward. I encourage all attending this evening to step up to the microphone with your concerns and I and the Common Council will answer any questions.

Respectfully Yours,

Ronald L. Woodward, Sr.