Fulton Mayor Ushers In Citizenship Month at Fairgrieve Elementary

Submitted by the Fulton City School District

Woodward & CieslaFulton Mayor Ronald Woodward was an honorary guest at the Morning Express meeting at Fairgrieve Elementary School on Monday, June 2nd to launch June as Citizenship month in the Fulton City School District.

After an introduction by Fairgrieve Principal Jean Ciesla, Mayor Woodward spoke to the students about being good citizens in school, in the community and in their own homes. Citizenship is defined by the district as “Being an informed, responsible and caring participant in your community.”

Mayor Woodward pointed out that “community” can mean your classroom, your family, your group of friends or the town and area in which you live.

Students who best exemplify the character trait of the month are recognized by teachers and staff at a Morning Express later in the month and honored as “Students of the Month” at Fairgrieve.