Fulton Mayor Woodward Announces Bid For Re-Election

The text of Woodward’s announcement is below:

It has been a privilege and pleasure to serve as Fulton’s Mayor for the last four years. The challenges the city has faced in these past years and the challenges ahead are some of the toughest ones in many years. I will be running for re-election this year and I think it is good that including me, there will be at least three candidates running. I feel the most important part of any election is accurate and true information. That is why I believe there should be at least two public forums where all candidates are allowed to present their ideas on how they will keep property taxes stable as well as water and sewer rates. How these candidates will improve the neighborhoods and deal with increasing State and Federal mandates such as the mandated improvements to the city’s Waste Water Treatment Plant, are other important matters that should be debated.

Within the first months of my term, my administration had to deal with the collapse of our DPW garage. My administration took that unfortunate incident and looked toward the future to envision a way to rebuild and consolidate. We were able to sell the old DPW building on N. Fourth Street to an out-of-town private business and place it on the city tax roles. We are in the process of placing our water crews in the same building and have someone interested in purchasing another city building to return it to the tax roles. The consolidation of these separate departments under one roof helps to lower the overall heating, electricity and maintenance costs to city taxpayers. We have been able to continue infrastructure improvements with several miles of new sidewalks and many blocks of new water mains which have served to improve water pressure and improve fire protection in those areas. We have also secured grants to build eight new single family homes on the former Phillips Street School site. In addition to the new homes, the city has been able to totally rehab and bring fully into code compliance, five tax foreclosed properties in neighborhoods which have been sold to working families while reducing the number of absentee landlords. Contrary to rumors that the city is only doing this as a profit making venture, the main purpose was to stabilize the neighborhoods, encourage home ownership and reduce the number of rental properties in the city.

There are many issues the public has a right to question and get answers to from all candidates. I feel that home ownership is the only hope that we have to restore the Fulton neighborhoods back to the times many of us remember. During election years the rumor mills and whisper campaigns always seem to pop up. Most of the time the information is false or misleading. The best way to confirm any of this information is at candidate forums or if it involves this administration, all you need to do in simply visit my office or call. I look forward to a busy year and once again I thank the Fulton residents for the opportunity to serve them the last four years.

Ronald L, Woodward, Sr.
Mayor, City of Fulton


  1. Mayor Woodward has called for at least 2 public forums for the candidates to address their platforms. I welcome this and look forward to a clean debate that addresses the issues the City of Fulton is facing, and has been facing, for the last several years. As a city with one of the highest effective property tax burdens outside of New York City, it is important to discover how we arrived there, and how we can bring it back under control, before there is no City of Fulton.

    Here is to a clean election. The citizens of the City of Fulton deserve no less!

    Ralph Edward Stacy, Jr.

  2. I noticed in the Valley news (5-14) that the Republican Committee chaired by Dave Fontecchio announced their endorsements. Funny i didnt recall the committee releasing a article asking if any other persons in the city are interested in any positions (mayor,alderman). Seems the party is closed to public interests or is it jusy maybe because the Mayor appointed the chairman to a 40,000 plus position at the housing authority? Political payback? you decide. There was a past candidate the even did most of the work for their Steak Bake last year. I hear he intends to run in the 6th Ward but, funny no mention of endorsing him. Must be the alderperson in that ward now is doing such a great job representing the people they dont want to endorse anyone from their party. The mayor stated he wants to “encourage home ownership” how? taking them from lifelong taxpayers that cant afford to pay the highest taxes in CNY? What are the politicians going to do to “lower” our tax rates? that the real question. Already tell us what you politicians are going to do as usual, on an election year. let put politicians in that work for our city year round not just during an election. Mybe Fulton needs a “TEA PARTY” to get things back where they belong TO THE TAXPAYERS>

  3. Dear “Ben”,
    I wasn’t aware that any political party had to post anything in the paper asking any resident if they’re interested in running for any politcal office. Speaking of which, I didn’t see anything in any paper announcing “Ben’s” candidacy for any office, though you seem to have a whole lot to say about the way this city is being run. I do hope beyond hope that you have the nerve to show up for the debate as I would love nothing more than to hear Mayor Woodward’s response to such uneducated remarks. There has not been another political figure in this city for many many decades that has put the time and energy into running this city that Mayor Woodward has. For you to say he only works for our city during an election year is just ridiculous!! Thank you, Mayor Woodward for your endless dedication to this fine city. I am honored to live here and feel priveledged to call you our Mayor. I dread the day you decide not run again and only hope that it’s many many years away. My hat is off to you, sir!!! You have my vote and that of my entire family, hopefully for many years to come!

  4. Is it true that Ron Woodward has received the endorsement of both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party?

    Did Mayor Woodward tighten the belt of this City giving us no property tax increase, in this impossible economy, while still providing us first rate services.

    Fulton, under Mayor Woodward, is the best managed community I have seen. I am excited and proud that Mayor Woodward will continue to lead our City.

    Mayor Woodward is a hard working, hard fighting leader for Fulton. We need him to continue his fight for us now more than ever.

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