Fulton Native Wins $10K in Ohio Race

From Summit Motorsports Park

Josh Speck in the winner's circle.
Josh Speck in the winner's circle.

Day #1 of the American Race Cars Ten Grand Nationals unleashed some of the most intense racing action of the season. Round one alone yielded nine perfect reaction times (0.000). As the rounds went on it was not uncommon to see races decided by margins of victory of less than nine thousandths of a second (.009). Then it happened! “Mother Nature” and the backlash from hurricane Earl teamed up to a strike a final blow on the 24 race cars left in competition.

Day #2 started out similar to Friday with a rain delay. The rain in combination with the blustery wind made an 1/8 mile event the only sensible decision.

As a result, the racing became closer and the top end strategy changed. “Dead On” runs became the rule rather the exception. When the smoke cleared the air and the finals were called to the water box the dragster/door car count was even.

The “door car” fans were gathered in awe as Scotty Batyik went RED and Josh Speck carried the banner and the “Happy Gilmore Big Check”, redeemable for 10,000 pictures of George Washington, back to his pit area as the team prepared for a chance to double up on the final day.

The final day started with Mother Nature becoming a fan of the American Race Cars Ten Grand Nationals and providing us with a beautiful Midwest autumn day.

With Rob Moser and the Moser Engineering family on hand to participate, it was apparent that they would have to take the calculator out of their trailer to keep track of the Moser Mega Money being given away, and an EZ Pass for the toll roads to make it back home to Indiana.

As the day built to a crescendo and the staccato of the two steps began to fade into the night, the final curtain rose for the last act presenting a pair of dragsters driven by Sam Kolbl and Steve Schmidt. The Christmas tree dropped and the win light flashed in the Summit lane where Steve Schmidt claimed victory.

As the crowd headed toward home with thoughts of American Race Cars, the driving force in the sportsman dragster world, fresh in the minds of everyone present, Steve Schmidt and his American Race Cars dragster would begin the preparation ritual for his next championship effort.

Anticipation fills the air for an even bigger and better event for the American Race Cars Ten Grand Nationals for 2011.

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